The Disney/Marvel Deal Might Result in This….

Marvel Disney

By now you’ve all heard of Disney buying Marvel.  In fact our man Mr. Tassi had his own thoughts on the subject.  And while the debates will roll on as to whether or not this was the right move for child friendly Disney, you can be sure that the jokes are certainly coming.

One joke in particular is “visual.”  For example, I came across a very creative gallery of pictures to show what the Disney/Marvel merger effect will be on some of your more traditional Disney cartoons.

The results are outstanding and creative.

Thanks to Jeff Toon for these photos

Marvel Disney

Marvel Disney

Marvel Disney

Marvel Disney

Marvel Disney

Marvel Disney

Marvel Disney

Marvel Disney

Marvel Disney

  • James

    Is it strange that I find Snow White and Jasmine kinda hot like that?
    They all look bad ass though

  • Madison

    @ James

    No, not strange at all.

    And yeah, these are all bad ass.

  • zero

    I like the touch of anime in these pics. and agreed, they all look badass. bravo to the artist.

  • Ashweee

    Considering I was expecting to hate I actually they all look kinda cool with that darkness to them. I particularly love Pocahontas. <3

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  • IcemanD

    Holy shit, I would watch everyone of those movies. My vote is for an R-rated Lion King.

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  • You should write that these aren’t ideas about what the Disney/Marvel deal might result in, these drawings have been around for a very long time, I remember I checked this guy’s deviantart account periodically to see if he had made more of this drawings, I think he called it the “Twisted Princess” series.
    Corrections aside, I love this drawings, specially the Snow White one, basically ’cause I hate most of Disney’s princesses (they’re all stupid).

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  • Dr. Hotensecksy

    Those are all pretty badass, unfortunately I think this deal is more likely to make Marvel a whole lot less awesome than to make Disney more so.

  • mokry

    I was afraid I was the only that was slightly turned on by these pictures.

  • Z.A.M.

    HOLY CRAP!!!
    This just goes to show how scary women can be…

    Aside from that, I was a bit surprised that Disney, which is pretty much based on a Fantasy genre, had bought Marvel, an Action/Sci-Fi genre. What will they buy next?

  • allie jo

    THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!! I love the jasmine and pocahontas ones!!!!! they’re awesome!!!!!

  • Gus

    OMG. These princesses are fabulous, my fav are jane and jasmine. I hope this guy does meg from hercules and esmeralda from the hunchback of Notre Dame

  • mirry

    Omg. I love them. My favorites are Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland. I would sooo watch twisted versions of those movies.

  • Tryniti

    Jasmine is pretty cool. This looks more to me though like a mix between Disney and Tim Burton though :0 P

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  • Calliope

    J’adore vos dessins ! Bravo !

    Surtout celui d’Alice c’est vraiment super bien fait ^^ Continuez !

  • Brandy

    I love these. AWESOME!!! Great artwork.

  • Epiphany

    These are all great! I would love to watch these updated Disney shows. I want more!

  • LUIS

    waaaaaaaa estan chidas estas imagenes