The Darkest Joke Ever Told

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A few days ago, I wrote a post that you guys jumped all over called “The Greatest Joke Ever Told.” It featured acting legends Neeson, Freeman and Caine all grabbing a drink and laughing it up at a bar, and you imagined what they might be discussing.

Well, now I’ve stumbled across a similar scenario, albeit one that’s animated and not actually a photo. But the concept is still intact as Lord Vader, Lord Sauron and Lord Voldemort, three of the most evil men in history, stop to get a drink after a hard workday of being malevolent.

So the question stands, what do you think they’re talking about?

(Also, this is probably a t-shirt somewhere, so if someone has that link…)

  • Lord Vader, Lord Sauron, and Lord Voldemort. The Three Dark Lords. Excellent.

  • Alaconz

    Voldemort is actually mocking them because he is the only one that can drink since the other two have helmets on. Sauron looks depress, and Vadar is really pissed.

  • J5

    Vader: “So I tell this little prick that I’m his father, you know what he says to me? ‘Noooo!’ WTF is that? I’m trying to bring him into this Empire to run shit with me.”

    Voldemort: “It’s ok Darth, I really dont think he meant it, he’s just feeling a little rebelious.”

    Vader: “Oh a LITTLE rebelious? I havent even told you about what he did with his sister…..”

  • ORA

    Vader says “We may be all dark and powerful Lords but I’m the only here to get any Action in all our films”. then clinches fist in air. Sauron looks down in sadness and Voldemort replies “All I really wanted was Harry”

    Natalie Portman for the Win

  • Nash

    Not sure if this was the original place for the shirt, but I got mine from It was the shirt of the day on March 29th. “Dark Lord Happy Hour” by spacemonkeydr

    J5, nice.

  • EJ

    J5, I totally stole that.

  • Jax

    Let me introduce you to, reverse image lookup. Helpful in finding where an image came from and/or if a shirt is available. Useful.

  • rearadmir0l

    “Thoughts on appetizers ?”

  • rearadmir0l

    Three dark lords are hanging out at a bar, shooting the shit and trying to big dick each other.
    Vader “So I killed all these little kids because their blood was infected with some virus AND choked a bitch out cause he parked my ship too close to an asteroid field. ”
    Sauron “Whatever dude. I brought about the downfall of a race of superhumans. What about you , Ralph? ”
    Voldemorte ” I keep telling you guys its RAFE!”

  • Nord

    Vader: Damn, my nose is itchy. But I cant put off my helmet here.
    Sauron: I feel exactly the same. But my steel fists would scratch my whole face.
    Voldemort: Thats why I decided to be reborn without this thing 😉

  • ImJustAGirl

    Vader: I’m using the dark force………this round will be free.
    Sauron: Who ordered me this fruity, gay, drink.
    Voldemort: Um………I did, and I got Vader a butter beer. You guys are so ungrateful.

  • “… so I used the dark force to make her believe that bras and panties are not allowed in space!”

    Sauron : confused

    Voldemort : “Ha! I wish I could do that to Hermione!”


  • Nyxaria

    Vader: … and that one time in bandcamp, i had this flute and i got bored so i shoved it up my a** like that *raise fist*

    Sauron: …. ?!

    Voldrmort: Hmmm interessting Vader – heyyyy Sexyron, wanna check out my privateroom? I swear i am not “noseless” down “there” *twink*.

    Sauron: [Why me? WHY!?]

  • dimitri


  • Jake Stone

    Vader: “So now that he knows, the little prick wants me to pay for college.”

    Also, how awesome is it that Sauron has a girly drink?

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