The Dark Side of the Force Has Its Perks


 “I find your lack of clothes…disturbing. But I’m going to put on this pimp hat and roll with it. “

I would have loved to see the addition of a lightsaber pimp cane, but you take what you can get.

Context? Some pictures are better left without it. Just enjoy the madness.

  • Darth Vader in…Star Whores!

    Anakin Skywalker embarks on a new career path involving the seedy sex trade industry. Darth uses his powers upon unsuspecting females, of various species, to force them into prostitution. Now going by his street name of “Who’s Your Daddy”, Vader looks to conquer pimps who have resisted his attempts at expanding his underground empire with the help of his glowing dildo light saber. Darth’s diabolical plan is then foiled by a band of hairy galactic hookers who call themselves the Street Walking Ewoks. This prompts Anakin to hire master assassin (and chronic masturbator), Hand Solo, and the ever kinky bounty hunter, Bobo Fetish, to poison the troublesome clan’s water supply with lethal amounts of Nair.

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