The Creation of Yoda

Nothing like a little Venn Diagram humor to close out the day. From Stephen Wildish comes this image which shows how various factors come together to produce Yoda. I think small and poor grammar would apply to most children, but that didn’t exactly change with Gary Coleman as he got older.

As for the Hulk’s grammar? He didn’t say much during the Avengers, but there is a smart version of him that exists at times. He’s grey, isn’t he? Sorry, between TV, movies and videos games I consume, not enough time for comic books.

Check out more awesome stuff on Stephen’s blog here.

  • Ender88

    eh. hardly even chuckle worthy.

  • Alot_Hunter

    The whole “Yoda speaking backwards thing” is a stupid invention of the prequels. In the original trilogy, he speaks more or less normally once he drops his crazy old hermit act.

  • Korky

    The grey version of the hulk would not fit in this diagram, though.