The Bounty Assassin


What happens with Boba Fett, the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter, joins the Brotherhood of the Assasins?

Really awesome shit. That’s what happens.

Above we get a look at what that might look like, and overlooking the impracticality of wearing a hood over a helmet, the result is pretty badass. Better than “Django Fett” if you ask me.

[Artist – Wirdou]

  • Michael

    You need to do an article on helmets in the scifi universe. Boba Fett’s T-shaped visor doesn’t make much sense, but neither do wookies, ewoks, workable jetpacks (sigh..), so I guess it’s tough to complain.

  • Rodimus Mike

    A hood over a helmet. Stupid concept, someone shoot that artist.

  • Roy

    I always thought that Lobo was the no. 1 bounty hunter in the galaxy…

  • Matt O.

    Looks a lot like some of the characters from Destiny! Great job!