The Birth of Black Widow

Yeah, I’ll be honest, I can’t really concentrate all that much on writing today because I’ve been counting down the hours until I can see the Avengers tonight. I went from”eh” about the movie to crazy, incredibly excited. I’m not sure what changed. I think Cabin in the Woods made me re-appreciate the genius that is Joss Whedon, and now I just can’t wait to see what he’s done with an actual budget for once.

This rather cool artwork is from Julian Totino Tedesco, but I can’t offer too much more of a comment other than that it’s a great parody of The Birth of Venus. Rather, I’ll use my remaining space here to point you toward a rather incredible interview I read with Joss Whedon in GQ yesterday that all fans should check out. It’s been a long struggle for the man to get to where he is, and hopefully after The Avengers, he’s given free reign to do whatever he wants from now until eternity.