The Ten Best Comedy Duos of All Time


There are so many factors that can make a comedy movie awesome but it really just comes down to the actors.  I mean you could have one guy sitting in a room for the entire film but if there’s just something funny about him (or her) you’re gonna be entertained no matter what.

And as an added bonus sometimes the comedy movie will throw in not one, but two great actors who can play off each other and amplify how funny the other one is.   It might be using a “polar opposite” strategy or it could be simply having the two fight.  Whatever the course of action, a good comedy team is one of my favorite elements in cinema.

Over the years we’ve seen our share of good and bad comedic duos.  Today I’m gonna focus on who I think are the 10 best comedy duos of all time….

Cheech and Chong


Obviously you can’t have a list like this without adding these two.  It’s impossible.

Laurel and Hardy


Hey it’s before my time and I’m not a huge fan of this kind of humor but you have to admit these guys set the stage for the comedy duo genre.  They played off each other better than just about anyone.

Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau


I’ve seen The Odd Couple and Grumpy Old Men.  Both were fantastic.  It’s a shame I haven’t seen the other films they’ve been in together but those two movies warrant a spot on this list.  The polar opposite thing worked to a tee with these two.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly


You have to admit these guys work well together.  Notably in Step Brothers.   As long as Reilly is kind of a sidekick just acting dumb and Will Ferrell is yelling it’s tough not to laugh when these guys appear in a movie together.

David Spade and Chris Farley


It may have only been Tommy Boy in the movies (Black Sheep was bad) but that’s enough.  Plus all their work on SNL obviously.

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase


Whether it’s SNL or Caddyshack, back in the day people used to marvel watching these two guys together on screen.  It’s a shame Chase totally sucks now.  Bill Murray is still awesome though.

Steve Martin and Dan Ayckroyd


Two wild and crazy guys!  I hate this bit but it’s too popular to leave off.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis


People forget about these two.  Of all the classic comedy duos they are right up there at the top.

Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor


These guys happen to be my favorite on this list.  Stir Crazy is one of my favorite comedies of all time and these two are the epitome of a great comedy duo.

Abbott and Costello


I just don’t think they’re funny but obviously you have to mention them when you’re talking history here.