The Best Clockwork Orange Costumes We’ve Ever Seen


Hi hi hi there, my little droogies.  We do a lot of cosplay galleries here on Unreality, but people dress up as characters from media besides video games.  Like movies.  One such character is Alex DeLarge, the ultaviolent yet charming protagonist from A Clockwork Orange.  The crotch cup, the white shirt and pants, and of course the false eyelashes (on only one eye) are easily recognizable as Alex’s “uniform.”  It’s not a difficult costume to assemble- anyone who played baseball is likely to own a jock strap and protective cup – but it’s not always easy to pull off.  Not all are perfect, but the best ones capture the essence of Alex and his droogs.  On this Friday morning, wipe your glazzies and viddy a real horrorshow gallery of Clockwork Orange costumes, O my brothers.





I just love Christina…


Sorry, I thought this was too cute not to include.  And I know that “Clockwork Orange” and “cute” don’t really go together:


This guy may have been a decent Dim:



A nice glass of “milk plus:”







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  • Ehy! There is my pic in this site!! WOW i’m the darkest guy with the Bo in his hand! WOW!

  • Ehy! There is my pic in this site!! WOW i’m the darkest guy with the Bo in his hand! WOW!!!


  • DreddloxxDeLarge

    HAHAHA! I used to wear the ‘original’ outfit back in the 1970’s,and NONE of these even come close!

  • DreddloxxDeLarge

    Why no Grandad shirts?! Why is everyone so ‘pouty’?! I was 15 years old,in a gang,and putting the fear of God up the British public back then…! And we ALL looked the REAL DEAL!

  • Oliver

    Hi dudes, where the fuck could i buy this awesome costumes ey?:)

  • Falcon

    I prefer people who do their costume by the original book, not the movie, because the movie changed absolutely everything.

  • Jim King

    I prefer people do their costume by the movie, as it changed everything…for the better. Even the ending is better, although Burgess didn’t think so.

  • Brihope

    I did this costume last night. I had EVERYTHING. The hat, eyelashes, jock strap, cane, eyeballs and blood, suspenders, glass of milk. I want to post my picture. How can I?????????????

  • neil brown

    I like the last one