The Best And Worst Movie Hairdos

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Can you imagine Princess Leia without her hair bun headphone covers? What if she had been introduced with some simple pig tails or just plain loose hair? Oh the travesty! We’d be living in a very different world right now (not to mention that the fantasies of 12-year-old boys would be somewhat less exciting). Hair is just as important as any other element when it comes to creating a movie character, plus it makes dressing up for costume parties and Halloween a lot more fun.

It’s a little hard to judge hairdos though. Many times you have a character like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber or Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element who are meant to have ridiculous hairstyles. No sin there. But then there are times when filmmakers just get it completely wrong, unintentionally. I think this happened a lot in the ’80s (bigger was not better). But anyway, I’ve put together a list of the best and worst hair in movies. Check it out:

The Best

Brad Pitt in Fight Club


Bridgette Bardot in And God Created Woman


Carrie Fisher in Star Wars


Louise Brooks in Diary of a Lost Girl


James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause

James Dean

Alicia Silverstone in Clueless


John Travolta in Grease


Kirsten Dunst in Interview With A Vampire


Noomi Rapace in The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest


Dominique Swain in Lolita


Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette


Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver


Sharon Stone in Casino


Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction


  • Ace

    I have to disagree with a lot of your worst list. The hair was definitely a plus in terms of characterization for some of these. I’ll agree on Daryl Hannah, Jodie Foster, and Taylor Lautner though. Those are pretty much uselessly terrible.

    Also, isn’t the girl Kristen Stewart plays in the Twilight movies supposed to be plain anyway? I don’t get the issue there.

    • The Kristen Stewart thing was actually pretty bad. She had been in The Runaways and cut off all her hair, so she was wearing a horrible wig for Eclipse. It was actually a big deal.

  • zligo

    Brigitte Bardot, please.

  • Ponark

    Taylor Lautner’s head doesn’t seem connected to his body.

  • I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Jareth’s hair. Everything about Jareth is the best.

  • rob

    Ponark is right, Lautner’s head is impossibly far from his chest. His neck would have to be even more freakishly long than the kid who played Lionel on United States of Tara

  • Fred

    Mary from “everybody loves Mary”

  • CJ

    Samuel L looks like Maurice Moss from IT Crowd!

  • Ace

    @Laura Frances, oh snap! Is it bad that I couldn’t even tell?

  • MoeMoe

    Is it weird that my biggest beef with Batman & Robin is Poison Ivy’s atrocious hair?

  • Samantha Jean

    I am in wholehearted agreement with Sara. There is not, nor has there ever been, anything wrong with the Goblin King.