The Batman Complex


The Batman Complex is a trailer for a fake movie which posits a very interesting question. What if Bruce Wayne wasn’t Batman at all. What if he invented the entire superhero fantasy world as a way of dealing with the trauma of his murdered parents? Sounds plausible enough to me, and fortunately Christian Bale starred in another movie about paranoid schizophrenia, The Mechanic, and that footage is able to be used here for this trailer.

It’s a cool idea, and even if it lost me a bit once it started merging with Inception, I’d still love to see it explored. But it’s more than likely it would exist in a random offshoot alternate universe comic book series rather than a film. That would be just fine with me however. Surprise twist ending: He really is Batman and Scarecrow was just messing with him the whole time.

  • Patty

    Christian Bale starred in the Machinist, The Mechanic is a Jason Statham movie, but the video’s still very cool regardless.

  • EarthwormJim

    Cool idea. But instead of Batman, they should have it be about 4 hot girls dressed in sexy outfits. Oh wait…

  • Steve2

    Reminds me of this fanedit I saw a while back called “Bateman Begins”. Bruce Wayne/Patrick Bateman gets his training from the League of Shadows, but when he comes back to “Gotham” he goes on a killing spree killing rich executives (American Psycho). Eventually when he starts losing his mind we cut to a year later where he is really skinny and realizes the monster he has become (The Machinist). Interesting concept, the plot worked well, but in the end I couldn’t get into the “fantasy” of the story because I knew I was watching scenes from 3 different films.

  • MetFanMac

    That is an entirely appropriate twist ending idea!

  • LEM

    The full trailer is way better than that one.

  • mike

    I like how he is buffed up then skinny, buffed up then skinny. Then goes insane.

  • nottheone

    If you are interested in seeing the concept explored, you could check out this episode from /Batman: the Animated Series–>