The Batman Actor Amalgam


A few weeks back, some photo genius decided to combine every actor who has ever played Superman into a singular image. Then we get the “super” Superman face to see what overall, the Man of Steel really looks like.

Well, the same thing has been done with Batman’s Bruce Wayne now. Actually, it’s been twice. The first image seen above is all the actors who have played Batman to date. The second includes future Batmans, namely Ben Affleck.

This is like one of those seeing eye puzzles to me. The first image clearly looks like Christian Bale to me, while the second is barely different but screams Affleck. It’s almost eerie how this happens.

See the Affleck-ized version below.


[via Geekologie]

  • MattChi

    I think the first one looks more like George Clooney.
    The brow shaping, wider nose and wider face are what Affleck-ised this IMO.

  • Geoffrey Warhammer

    It’s bizarre- I can’t look at the first one without seeing Keaton! It’s all in the lips area.

  • I see Bale & Clooney in the first, Kilmer in the second. I guess it’s up to your individual perspective.

  • Roy

    I guess you can see them all – since they’re all in there…