The Avengers Get Medieval

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Well damn.

That’s all I can say about these truly fantastic Avenger reinterpretations from The Durrrrian. He’s taken Earth’s mightiest heroes and sent them back in time a few thousand years. A few hundred? I’m not good at history apparently.

The results are…impressive. Each hero looks like a cross between something that was swinging a weapon at Helms Deep and a Dark Souls enemy class. It’s an incredible re-imagining of the group, and trust me, I see this stuff all the time. Check out the rest for yourself below:

  • Javier

    All look really cool but why give Hulk a tragic/sad face?
    I missed opportunity for a Balrog-like giant beast for him

  • The King

    Hawkeye easily looks the most badass out of all of them.

    The King has spoken!

  • Morgan

    Less medieval and more Death Knight.

  • Charlene

    These are so freakin’ awesome! This should be a video game

  • The Wolf

    tragic/sad face? really??

    that’s more of a “who dares disturb my slumber?? I’M ABOUT TO KICK YOUR ASS!” kind of face.

  • shwiggles

    Hulk looks shrunken down from Avengers movie scale, he should at least be troll sized and maybe have some brawler armor or gauntlets. The Captain needs more coloring.

  • Dave

    Legit as fuck!

  • matt

    i wish captain america looked that badass

  • Why make Hulk the only injured one? and captain america and iron man are actually pretty sick. Not exactly medieval in my eyes with all the lights and glowing things, but I can see what the did with the armor. If hawkeye was medieval then his bow would be wooden hahaha. Not trying to downsize the work, I mean these are actually amazing concepts and really cool artwork in my eyes.

  • Mr. Right

    lol the artist made Thor look like a rip-off of the Sengoku Basara version of Oda Nobunaga.

  • Jessica

    Caption for the Hulk picture:

    Alas, poor Yoorick!