The Apartment of a Star Wars Fan

Star Wars Apartment

Some people want to grow up and be doctors or lawyers.  Some want to be movie stars.  But something tells me that whoever’s apartment this is had one thing in mind after they saw Star Wars as a kid.  “I want to have the best damned Star Wars apartment in the galaxy.”

Seriously, I have no other theory than that.  And the crazy thing is that if you take out all the Star Wars stuff, this is a really classy and expensive apartment.  Too bad if this guy ever, and I can’t emphasize “ever” enough, gets a girl to come home with him, I’m pretty sure she’d be out the door in about five seconds.

And if it weren’t 5 seconds, I’m quite sure the Darth Vader bathroom would have her running for the hills in no time.

Check out this amazing Star Wars apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

Star Wars Apartment

  • Josh

    I think I’m in love.

  • Snoowy

    I love the two random Nightmare Before Christmas figures under the speeder bike. And the Millennium Falcon coffee table. And the Darth Vader statue.
    I love the whole place.

  • illeaturfamily

    its weird cause usually over-obsessions like this creep me out, but here everything is so organized and clean looking that it doesnt really do that to me. very cool. A+ for time and effort

  • Zil

    okay, i’m making a list and start collecting on ebay.

  • Madison

    Agree with illeaturfamily…it’s like a case study in organization.

  • zero

    dude, this is the most awesome apartment EVER !!! if my apartment looks like this, i don’t really care if a girl doesn’t come over. it’s her loss.

  • zero

    lol, second post, i want that millenium falcon table. that looks just badass.

  • chelsea

    i’m a girl and would marry this guy in an instant…. mostly because he’s clean and probably rich.. ha ha.

  • MacGyver1138

    I’m a big Star Wars fan, but I would never theme a whole room that way. That said, this is so clean-looking that I can’t help but love it. The lighting is well done. I can’t even imagine what he spent on all of the collectibles, though.

  • SirEdward

    The sane, logical part of me wants to go say something clever about obsessions or nerdiness.

    But I’m not going to bullshit you: I’m jealous. Very, very jealous.

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  • mellodev

    It addition to the Nightmare characters, this person has some Back to the Future soundtracks (Alan Silvestri) in the mix of Star Wars Scores and a couple of other random scores. I wonder if they are just placeholders for now. I really enjoy the Star Wars music and I am questioning if there is a correlation between these movies? Other than that I was very impressed with whole layout and a little jealous.

  • C

    Ummm, this isn’t a “fan”. This is a rich collector. A fan has stuff from when he was a kid. A fan played with his toys and likely broke them. None of the stuff in the pictures is anything other than high-end collectibles. Who wants that crap? I guess if I wanted to spend all of my spare cash on “toys” I could have it too.

  • I like it, without words.

  • Catherine

    A high-end collector would keep everything in their original boxes, not put them on display. This apartment is… most impressive. I just can’t get over how much money this guy must have to have collected all of these high-end figures. These aren’t like the little Taco Bell toys.

    I’d date this guy but probably dump him because it’s all a little too sterile/OCD for me. I’d be afraid to sneeze in there.

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  • dirtyness


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  • nikos greece

    It’ amazing. I have just finished building my own house and god dawn i have my things in a small area in the kids room.

    Congrats to the man for the money, time, effort and stamina to put all this together.

    Considering my self a die-hard SW fan – checking at least some scenes from any movie of the EXALOGY ( Greek word ) before going to bed , i have to admit that this guy makes me feel miserable.

    Well done again!

  • Alana

    I’m a girl and this is the coolest apartment ever. The guy who owns this is da bomb.

  • Jedi-Mom

    As a Star Wars fan, and a woman, this apartment is wonderful (clean, organized), if I weren’t already married, this gentleman would have piqued my interest. As has been made mention of before, though, whomever this is, they are a collector, and not just a fan, and they have money to spend. As for myself, before marriage, I was a collector as well, but now, with a young son of my own, my toys have come out of their boxes. Yes, although my 2-and-a-half-year-old doesn’t have the patience to sit through any of the movies entirely in one shot, he has his own X-Wing, his own Tie-Fighter, and the 12″ Jango Fett doll/figure is a nearly constant companion for him. I’ve got the huge “Complete Visual Dictionary” and “Complete Locations” books, and he loves thumbing through them. In short, I find it fascinating watching a next generation Star Wars fan make the story his own to play with.

  • mss fortune

    you know, thats kind of epic

  • doggiedaddy

    Now this is how to collect!

    Now if I only saved some money from collecting all the crap I have, I’d be able to show it off in the same classy way.

    Stooooopid economy.

  • Records

    This guy is either ridiculously broke, or tripping over money sacks. Either way, I think it’s pretty damn cool.

  • TheTazZ

    That is one awesome collection!

  • TK421

    Fuck thats a nice pad

  • zach

    I fear the dark side in this one.