The Antichrist Trailer is What the What?


Very rarely does a new horror movie pique my interest, and when it does it almost never involves mask wearing, blade wielding psychopaths with an innate desire to kill all the topless women on earth.

Such is also the case with Antichrist, a film I’d never heard of until just now. It’s about a young woman with a mental disorder who is coached by Willem Dafoe through her  psychosis in a cabin in the woods.

Buuuut as it turns, out “nature is Satan’s playground” or something like that, so the woods starts getting all creepy and the trailer culiminates in quite possibly the strangest sex scene this side of Eyes Wide Shut.

Yup, looking forward to this one.

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  • Chicklet

    I’ve seen it… it’s not what you’re expecting.
    Lars von Trier directs. I’d be interested in your thoughts after watching it!! You’ll either be nauseous or angry… possibly bored….