The Actual Most Dangerous Game

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I must have missed this bit of movie easter egg-dom during the one and only time I watched Predator 2 ten years ago. During one scene in the Predator’s “trophy area,” there hangs a skull on the wall that distinctly resembles the creature from Alien.

One intrepid fan has gone to the trouble of hand-crafting the thing from scratch to hang in their own trophy room, and the end result is a detailed work of art that’s simply phenomenal. If I had any amount of money to burn, I’d totally pay $875 for this.

It’s funny this was in this movie, as it was years before Alien vs. Predator was even conceived. Am I alone in thinking that movie actually offered a much more coherent explanation for the Aliens’ existence than Prometheus did? The Predators creating them as a sort of “super game” made more sense than the weird proto-human, accidentally evolution/mutation black good nonsense.

More picture below, including the still from the film where the skull is see. [via Geekologie]