The $70 Zombie Movie that’s Rocking Cannes


This is a pretty cool story about a young British director named Marc Price who really wanted to make a zombie movie, but had no money to do so. He crafted together a cast and effects team using Facebook, MySpace and Twitter (I would totally respond to a casting call that said “Do you want to be zombie?”) and made the entire project for under $70.

“When we say it’s a low budget film, people presume a couple of hundred thousand [dollars]. People can’t figure out how it’s possible. What Marc’s achieved has left people astonished.”

It was by advertising for volunteer zombies on social networking site Facebook, borrowing make-up from Hollywood blockbusters and teaching himself how to produce special effects that thrifty director Price was able to make the film for less than the price of a zombie DVD box set.

“The approach was to say to people, ‘OK guys, we don’t have any money, so bring your own equipment,'” the the 30 year-old director told CNN.

The film, called Colin, is a “zombie story with a heart,” and is shot from the perspective of the zombie, something that hasn’t ever been done before except in Left 4 Dead. The film is tearing up Cannes right now and will definitely secure a mainstream release at some point.

I highly suggest going here to read the entire article, it sounds like a pretty cool project.

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