The 15 Best Pictures of Olivia Wilde

Yes, it’s that time again, where I don’t feel like writing anything significant, so you get to look at pretty pictures of a pretty actress. We’ve done this feature on occasion before with great success as it turns out Mila Kunis and Christina Hendricks are quite popular. I would say the same goes for Olivia Wilde, who has come a long way from Abercrombie modeling and OC lesbian-izing to be one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood today.

She’s been in a ton of films recently, and is in even more to come. The next dose of her you’ll get will be in July’s Cowboys and Aliens, and she’s still got a recurring role on House when she’s not busy filming movies. She has an incredibly unique look that makes her stand out from the other young starlets of Hollywood, with stunningly bright eyes and picture perfect bone structure.

So once again, I don’t think you guys will fault me too much for wanting to feature a gallery of Olivia Wilde looking fantastic. Yes, I know I probably missed a few of your favorite poses, but some I had to cut as we can’t get too risqué here. But I think the ones I did select are among her best, and feel free to enjoy them below:

(click on any picture to enlarge it)

Lost in the woods

Your new wallpaper

Black and white and blonde

Crazy hair!

Of course you wanted one of these

The picture I pulled for her “best eyes” mention


Admiring how good she looks in the picture above

Kind of looks like a young Denise Richards here

Alright now she REALLY looks like a young Denise Richards

Classical beauty

Improper use of a hammock

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease

At last, a smile! With balloons! Yayyy!

If you have any amazing shots you think I’ve missed of Ms. Wilde here, send them to and I might add them here.


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