The 15 Best Pictures of Mila Kunis

So a decently long time ago, I wrote a post called “The 15 Best Pictures of Christina Hendricks.” I thought that everyone liked the voluptuous Mad Men redhead, and a gallery of some of her best shots would be appreciated by some of you.

Well that post exploded, and now Unreality is one of the top results for the actress on Google, and the post receives hundreds of new views every day despite its old age. So that got to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if we could replicate that with some of our other favorite actresses?

Now every so often, I’ll probably take a break from actual writing and scour the internet for the absolute best pictures of some of the absolute best looking actresses out there. Today’s selection is Mila Kunis, who I had no distinct feelings for during That ’70s Show, but once I saw her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, it was game over. Now she’s rising to Oscar-level fame with a role in Black Swan, and has a bright future ahead of her.

Check out the fifteen best pictures of Mila Kunis below:

See why I’m featuring her?

Nice look

Why is she 10,000X hotter in this movie than she is in any other?

Looking Black Swan-ish

Way less makeup than usual. Will allow the popped collar

And this is what she looks like in a “candid” shot

Almost blending in with the background

These curtains smell AMAZING

Black and white is always classy

Back from her Jackie days

Awkward arm pose but still nice

Good work for getting her into that outfit Esquire

I think her armpit is photoshopped

Hooray for a not so serious one!

Send in any of your own find you think I’ve missed! (

  • BOLT

    My dear lord. . . . Great job!

  • Comfortable Madness

    Bravo. There’s no need for an explaination as to why you posted pics of Mila Kunis. If you decided to randomly throw pics of her into any post you did, you would get no complaints from this reader.

  • Every picture of Mila Kunis is the best picture of Mila Kunis.

  • Guy Incognito

    Totally agree with you about That 70s Show. I didn’t her at all attractive back then but wow she looked good in Forgetting Sarah Marshal.

  • Dude

    Awesome…just awesome.

  • MajorTool

    Hate to be the negative Nancy but… One of the reasons I follow Unreality is because it wasn’t like those other cookie cutter “guy” sites that features “Top Ten Hot girls of crocheting” or “Check out Christina Hendricks new cleavage shots”. So while the Christina Hendricks and Mila Kunis are a good span apart… just wanted to voice one opinion that I hope the site doesn’t turn into said cookie cutter guy sites.

  • @MajorTool

    Believe me, the last thing I want is for Unreality to be one of those sites, but I don’t think one post like this every few weeks or months is really going to sink the ship, do you?

  • Steve

    Anyone think Mila Kunis looks like a brunette version of Porn Star Riely Steele? (Pic is SFW) They definitely have the same eyes.

  • MajorTool

    @Paul Tassi
    That’s fine. Good, I think we’re on the same page then ^_^

  • Jack

    Hottest woman on the planet.

  • Drester

    So in what movie does she look 10,000X hotter than she is in any other? I would really like to see that one.

  • jaromir

    Forgeting Sara Marshall was really the point that I started focusing more on her, I think her slight tan made her look hotter, plus in that role she kinda had spunk….she is definitely one of my favorites at the moment. Wouldn’t mind seeing her in the Lois Lane role for the new Supes movie.

  • Beautiful! For the longest time I never knew how young she was on That 70s Show, when it first started. I felt dirty afterwards…haha, good stuff.

  • Cloud

    Wait a second…

    I think one of those may have actually been an honest picture of her and not heavily airbrushed…

  • Ashweee

    It’s nice to see a smart, attractive female who isn’t always showing as much cleavage as possible. Even the ones where she is wearing something sexy, she still somehow seems down to earth. <3 Mila Kunis.

  • Mick Barker Sr.

    Sorry Guys, this woman is actually Not good looking at all. Nope, Not this one.

  • vgen


  • Sandoval

    Paul, thank you. If you have an archive of the 15 runner ups, feel free to email them to me 😛

  • She is so pretty. I love her.

  • MrM

    She is an absolute dream. This girl is just absolutely, otherworldly gorgeous.

  • tb

    People need to stop photoshopping her eyes so much. #2, 5, 6, and 14 and frigging creepy.

  • tb


  • While E Coyote

    I would literally would give one of my testicles to have this woman in my life. literally the most beautiful women in tha world imo!

  • drevna

    čista slavenska lipota

  • Davis

    Man, I’d like to pop her collar!

  • Loco_Tom

    Mila Kunis is definitely 1 of the hottest women in the world, but its not just her looks that make me say that. She is very intelligent, down to earth, and she doesnt let the fame go to her head. And for me, what really makes her stand out and what is really hot is that she is the type of woman that takes life slow, but has fun with friends and family. I can truly say that if i met any woman that was as nice, beautiful, or as real as Mila Kunis, then I would be a very lucky guy.

  • john

    Very Very Very Sexy

  • jonabould

    me and her are soulmate, when she thinks about the guy that she will marrie its me she hasnt meet me yet,only in her dreams but i already know how it ends and stuff its not really a big deal lol happlyeverafter im sure she’s a stuck up bitch but i like bitches anyway

  • ayad

    mila is angle-amazing in everything

  • boricua

    B.E.A…utiful!!! I hope she gets the roll of Laura Croft in the tomb raider remake.

  • I think she is one of the most beautiful girls out there and very talented.

  • TL

    You’re a fool if you think only her armpit was ‘photoshopped’. Not many high profile celebrity images make it out of a shoot without color correction and retouching.

  • P A Williams

    This young lady is very sexy and in her case less is very much more she is a natural beautiful young lady with a stunning body. this babe i would love to date

  • chris

    seriously how come she ISS so much hotter in forgetting sarah marshal!?!? I only just realised it was her after watching the film for the 5th time.. she looks totally different.. and definitely looks like the hottest woman I HAVE ever seen!!!!

  • Mike

    I absolutely adore Mila. She is without a doubt the hottest women on tv. To top it all off, she just accepted a request to go to the Marine Corps Ball with some SGT that posted a proposal to her on Facebook. Shoot, I wish I had known it was the easy, I would have donned my uniform and asked her to accompany me to the Coast Guard Ball a long time ago.

  • N.O.

    This girl is in the top 5 of the hottest girls on the planet. Sorry Mick Barker Sr., your comment will have everyone questioning your orientation.

  • walter

    She does have a stunning face but.. she needs to work on her body. She is so thun and shapeless. She looks like a chinese Gymnast. I do wish her luck though.

  • Mike

    She is not for real. Simply perfect. Nice job.

  • nes

    Re: Photoshop eyes comment, Mila’s eyes are not the same color, I don’t know if that’s what make them appear a bit odd (but still very lovely) in the photos, or if they actually have been retouched. One eye is green, the other is hazel & a bit darker. I believe she wears a contact in movies so the difference is not noticible.

  • Eric

    Hopefully she can make it to my next birthday party…or any other day! She proves God exists!

  • John

    I’m in love. I love her. if i can see her for real, just once. i will do anything, anything

  • andreas

    I am in love with her,………..

  • michelle

    she’s a beauty. MUCH hotter than that Christina Hendricks cow that’s for sure.

  • That girl looks so great. I would love to be in her bed. 🙂

  • Sylent1

    She has pretty eyes…but I could listen to her laugh all day long.

  • taylor

    She has the most gorgeous eyes in Hollywood. Beautiful. tb the eyes have nothing to do with photoshopping, it is doing a smokey eye stye with makeup….and you are in the minority, by a long shot on that opinion.

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  • cclub00

    THE most beautiful girl in the world today .. fantastic pictures !!!!!!

  • caleb

    I’ve never seen a person who can look so differently from picture to picture – in certain of the above photos Mila looks like Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, only she’s more gorgeous than any of them.

  • EBEE

    I do genuinely think her face is just lovely to look at.

    I like her because she’s beautiful and girls look up to her but at the same time she is a good role model.

    “Is that a problem in Hollywood, the pursuit of perfection? So many girls at your age try exactly that: to be and to look perfect.

    It is really sad, because it’s true. Everybody is starting to look the same. It is bizarre how everyone has the same facial features now. One person dyes her hair brown, everybody dyes her hair brown. I think people lose all sense of themselves. It’s unfortunate.”

    It scares me how oblivious people are these days that girls would look up to somebody like Kim Kardashian because they like the way she looks, when she is actually, literally famous for sucking dick.

  • Izeakeal Glutiarez

    Mil a is just such a gorgeous babe that I’d love to get with forever!

  • After rolling out of bed, Mila Kunis headed to the set of
    “Third Person” in Rome, Italy earlier today (November 16).

    The 29-year-old actress donned a baggy sweatshirt with tousled locks as she
    flossed her teeth before getting to work.

  • Steve Sanders

    I’m not sure when she become so friggin’ hot… on That 70’s Show she was cute (younger), but now she is just smokin’!!!!

    And Mick, what is wrong with you, leaving a comment like that!