The 15 Best Pictures of Emma Stone

Yes, it’s one of those days again. I have no other reason for posting this gallery of Emma Stone other than she’s pretty and I like her as an actress. If you agree with both those statements, you’ll probably like this photo set as well.

Emma Stone is the talented, drug-free alternative to Lindsay Lohan, and has rarely been in a bad movie in recent years. She co-starred in great flicks like Zombieland and Superbad, and then lead rather fun movies like Easy A, which showed she is quite hilarious. Now, she’s set to play Gwen Stacy opposite my lookalike Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Fun fact about Ms. Stone, despite her signature redheaded look, she’s a natural blonde. Crazy, I know. Check out the full gallery below, and click on any of the pictures to make them bigger.

At Least the Freckles Are Real

Prim and Proper

Slightly Less Prim and Proper

Easy A Philosophies

Blonde Bombshell

Soulful Stare

Kind of a Goofball

That is a Nice Sweater Dress

Cover Girl

“Who the wha?”

Fashion Forward

Modeling Makes Me Sleepy

Zombies Beware

  • Rbourn

    The “who the wha” pic reminds me of the love bot from Serenity when it gets turned off.

    I see what you mean about the Lohan resemblance. Reminds me of American Dad

    “Dead? Deceased? Lindsay Lohan’s Eyes?”

  • J

    If they ever make a live action Fairy Tail movie she’d be the perfect Erza

  • What?

    It’s official, Paul Tassi you are a god.

  • emignatius

    Dear God (and if @What? is right, Dear Paul Tassi), if reincarnation is true, please tell me what to do to reincarnate as Emma’s pubes.

  • JF

    You started funny, then we expected cute or funny, but you went really weird on that one!


  • Blake

    # J

    OMG! I just thought about today that what if they made a live action Fairy Tail movie!?!? That movie could totally work and would be easy to do!!

    And you’re right on Emma being a could choice to play Erza!!

  • stout

    her best hair happened in zombieland, imo.

  • i just love the photo of emma whith frikles.she looks so sweet an gorgeous.i just adore a love emma so much