The 15 Best Pictures of Blake Lively

Yes, it’s that time again where I give up writing for an hour so we have some pretty pictures to look at. Blake Lively is in the news right now because she secretly married Ryan Reynolds this weekend. I thought Scarlett Johansson would be pissed until I found out she and Reynolds got divorced like ten years ago. See what happens when I stop reading Perez Hilton?

Lively got her big break on Gossip Girl, and has recently been making a transition to film. Sometimes with great success (The Town), sometimes not (Green Lantern), and sometimes in the middle (Savages). I’ve collected the 15 best pictures I could find of her for your viewing pleasure, at least all the ones I was allowed to print here after her recent phone hacking scandal. Check them out below, and see the rest of this series which we’ve done for Christina HendricksMila KunisEmma StoneEmma Watson, Eliza Dushku and Olivia Wilde. Just a few of our favorite actresses.

Her Legs are So Long She Had to Bend Down So You Can See Her

The Most Worthwhile Moment to Come Out of Savages

Just, Pretty

Pre-Acting Surfer Modeling

Yes, Surely the Kids Will Behave If We Make Them Wear Uniforms

The Car Needs a Lot of Legroom

’50s Pin-Up

Washed Out

Laguna Beach-ish

Almost Didn’t Recognize Her

Happier Than She Should Be at the Premiere of Green Lantern

Oh Hey, Didn’t See You

Of Course It’s a Shirt

The Girl on Fire


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