The 10 Strangest Looking Actresses in Hollywood


Alright look, don’t yell at me, I’m not being sexist. A few weeks ago, I wrote this post, about the strangest looking actors in Hollywood, and now I’m doing a follow-up with actresses . I’m fair and balanced just like Fox News. In any case, these are a collection of actress I just find “strange” looking.  Now, that’s not to say that many of them aren’t hot, as most actresses are to some degree, but there’s just something about them that’s almost…unreal, if you’ll pardon the reference. I think you’ll see what I mean as you look through the gallery.

As always, this list probably isn’t definitive, so feel free to shout out any you think I’ve missed.

*Note this post was originally published in 2010 but still holds up today!

1.  Maggie Gyllenhaal


I think Maggie Gyllenhaal takes way too much shit for how she looks, as I actually think she’s kind of cute, albeit I will admit, quite a bit “different.” She was excellent in Crazy Heart and Secretary but was the most useless part of The Dark Knight to be sure. No, she doesn’t look like Jake. Stop saying that.

2. Helena Bonham Carter


Tim Burton’s lady has a very distinct look about her, which is why you’ll find her in roles that often make the most of that. Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd and Harry Potter all make the most of her rather terrifying gaze, but lest we forget, there’s more to her than that.

3. Mary Lynn Rajskub


Chloe is the character on television that I’ve probably done the biggest 180 about.  I hated, hated, hated her when she debuted on 24, but she’s slowly grown on me over time. Mary Lynn is definitely not of the usual mold that you see actresses coming from, but when you see her outside of the show, she can be slightly cute, and she’s definitely hilarious.

4. Natascha McElhone


She first caught my eye on Californication, and then later opposite George Clooney in Solaris. She’s pretty, but has incredibly odd bone structure and eyes that would seem to be far too big for her head.

5. Tilda Swinton


The cover girl of this post, Tilda Swinton spends most of her time looking like she came from another planet. Without a doubt, a phenomenal actress though.

6. Gabrielle Anwar


If you used to watch Burn Notice, you know what I mean here. Fiona is quite hot on that show (especially in bikinis) but something about Gabrielle’s face is just a bit strange. Love that accent though.

7. Bryce Dallas Howard


If I could describe this woman in one word it would be “otherworldly.” Care to disagree?

8. Mischa Barton


I thought she was turbo hot on The OC (but not as much so as Rachel Bilson), but her face is reminiscent of a baby deer, and I haven’t been able to fully get that image out of my head.

9. Bai Ling


OK, Bai Ling is just flat out strange looking. I’ve seen her made up to be pretty hot, but most of the time she looks like some sort of Chinese circus clown, and usually her boobs are falling out of her shirt. Remember that time she was on Lost? Random.

10. Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman is probably the most “A-list” actress on this list, but you can’t deny that there’s just something alien about her. She’s beautiful, but her bone structure says she wants to take me back to her home planet and do things to me. Which I actually wouldn’t mind.

  • Josh

    Is that… Chloe? That can’t be. She’s… hot in that photo. My mind has been blown.

  • Lagrange

    Haha, cool idea to make a list about strangely looking actresses ^^

    I think Audrey Tautou looks different too.

  • Madison

    I would have added Christina Ricci, who I think is crazy hot anyway.

    Most of the actresses on here are actually pretty talented, which goes to show that you CAN get work in Hollywood without looking like a supermodel.

  • Dave

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention how Mary Lynn Rajskub is better known as GAIL THE SNAIL.

  • Doc Brimley

    I always thought Danica McKellar was a little strange looking. Maybe it’s just me.

  • @Madison:
    She’s exactly the one I had in mind, too.
    Showing off her huge forehead she looks like a jailbait but is luckily far from it.

    Since we’re talkin about strange looks and not especially about acting skills… what about Alexis Bledel? She has kind of a unique face, too.

    Oh, and what about Katee Sackhoff? I mean, she can definitely kick ass and still looks hot but hasn’t exactly the proportions of a supermodel.

    A fine list anyway, Paul. Thx


  • Ryan

    I think we’ve all forgotten about Sarah Jessica Parker… that woman looks like she got hit in the face with a frying pan shortly after birth. Let’s make a list entirely just for her. She deserves her own category of “weird looking actresses”.

  • illeaturfamily


    Sara Jessica Parker’s face looks like it got hit with a hot bag of nickels.


    “I’m fair and balanced just like Fox News.”


  • Sara

    The first time I saw Helena Bonham Carter was when she played Olivia in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. She was so bright and pretty there.
    She still good looking now. She just looked better then.
    You can see her here:

  • Bert

    Maggie Gyllenhaal may not have been the best part of The Dark Knight, but she’s a damn sight better than Katie Holmes. Had they brought her back there would have been cheers in the theater after Joker blew Rachel up.

    @Ryan – I think part of the theme of this post was “Strange-looking actresses who are still somehow pretty hot”. Ol Horse-face-spray-tan-Ferris-Bueller-ruiner don’t fit that criteria.

  • Phill

    Sigourney Weaver anyone?

  • Colin

    dictionary definition for strange is something that is unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling OR hard to understand.

    so this list i can definitely say was well put together cuz there is something strange about these women but its not necessarily bad…except tilda swinton, great actress but weirds me out

    great list!

  • Banditone

    Sad Turtle is not good looking. And to even imagine that there is a world in which Bat-F’in-Man would swoon over that is insanity. I can understand the Joker wanting her badly, as he is insane.

    Natascha is off the charts hotastic in Californication.

    Tilda Swinton as the Angel Gabriel in Constantine was EXCELLENT. You see, her otherworldly qualities came up huge as an angel.

  • chelsea

    i’m probably going to get some disagreements here, but ANGELINA JOLIE… she is gorgeous, but if i saw someone a regular person who looked like her, it would be weird. she is incredibly angular and exaggerated like a caricature. on that same note, olivia wilde is really angular and odd looking but still incredibly hot.

  • Tom

    Natascha McElhone? Seriously? She’s beyond hot, and far from awkward-looking. There are many others on that list you nailed though.

  • jax

    what about Renee Zellweger? her face is messed up.

  • Tim

    As soon as I saw the title I thought of three:

    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Chloe Sevigny
    Hillary Swank

    Agree on Christina Ricci, and yes she is hot.

  • Dan

    :O olivia wilde, she’s hot but strange looking also and there are some crazy look hot people :P. weird me thinks.

  • i think milla jovovich, as hot as she is, is really kinda….alien looking at some angles.

  • garyvdh

    I don’t see anything strange or weird about these people? They look like normal human beings to me. In fact they are very beautiful. Does everyone in Hollywood have to look like a fashion model? What about most of you? Would you consider yourselves normal or strange? Maybe you should have titled your article “unconventional” or “different” people… but to call them strange is a little bit insulting. Can you put up your pic so that we can comment on your conformity to what is “normal”?

  • Karin

    There seems to be a difference here between how men and women understand “strange” – and that’s probably to be expected – but we agree that “strange” isn’t bad or good, it just is.

    First I’d like to say that none of these actresses have a “strange” look/quality to me: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Helena Bonham Carter, Gabrielle Anwar, Bryce Dallas Howard, Mischa Barton, Uma Thurman.

    There is however something slightly off/borderline-strange with Natascha McElhone and Bai Ling, but the only two that are decidedly “strange” are Tilda Swinton and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

    I agree with posters that have suggested Christina Ricci, because I never get used to how she looks.

    Women that are borderline-strange are the above mentioned Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes.

    My additons to the list of “strange” are Anna Paquin and Summer Glau – I think Anna looks weird and Summer is beautiful, but they both have that “strange” thing going.

    And, if we leave the land of the living, I proclaim Bette Davis as the queen of Strange looking actresses. She was/is also one of the best ever.

  • I’m very surprised to see Maggie Gyllenhaal on the list.I like her.I don’t think she is strange, i think she is hot and beautiful.

  • I think we’ve all forgotten about Sarah Jessica Parker… that woman looks like she got hit in the face with a frying pan shortly after birth. Let’s make a list entirely just for her. She deserves her own category of “weird looking actresses”..

    • Malin Karlsson

      It’s a good thing everyones face will wrinkle up like a goddamn old sack of poatoes in time. Everyone will look ugly eventually, you too!!

  • Ryan


    stfu. don’t take your own insecurities out on the rest of us. the internet was created to judge others under the protection of anonymity.

    not everyone in hollywood has to look like a super model… i mean i would not hesitate to bang the crap out of the majority of these women (sarah jessica parker excluded)…

    but we’re all guilty of judging people everywhere every day who look “unconventional” (lulz). it’s just much easier to judge and talk about people we all know and recognize. duh.

  • But they left out Renée Zellweger with her puffy face and squinty eyes. I love her acting though.

  • jesse

    Just so you know thats not a picture of Bryce Dallas Howard, it of Maria Thayer. Its funny how often that pic is confused, and how no one remember Bryce has no chest at all total give away.

  • Hamranhansenhansen

    This is literally the stupidest post I ever read on the Internet.

    There is nothing strange-looking about any of these women. None of them “look like aliens”. WTF does an alien look like? Are you saying they don’t look human? That is ridiculous.

    At best, you can compliment these women for having character. That is a great thing for actors and unfortunately too rare in Hollywood productions.

    I recommend you broaden your consumption of human faces until you get a more accurate view of what we look like.

  • Madison

    Some really dumb comments on here. It’s pretty clear that each actress on here has a unique look. How people can’t make that connection and instead get hung up on the title of the post is mind-boggling.

  • Red

    I completely agree with #’s 3 & 7.
    I too hated Chloe at first, now I can’t picture the show w/o her. No matter how crappy this season is getting.
    Bryce is hot, even with the complexion of a corpse.

  • Ryan


    “WTF does an alien look like?” you ask?
    can you honestly tell me that…

    …doesn’t look like an alien?
    not so ridiculous anymore, is it?

    i recommend you broaden your consumption of sci-fi movies until you get a more accurate view of what aliens look like.


    i believe YOUR comments are dumb miss. you can’t be so naive or idealistic to recognize that there are, in fact, many ugly people in this world (and celebrities are no exception to this rule). granted some of the women on this list are simply “unique” looking as you so eloquently put it, but come on… Tilda Swinton is just plain ol’ ugly…

  • Madison

    @ Ryan

    “Ugly” is pretty subjective. I was never arguing whether or not the women on here are ugly or good-looking, it’s simply that they don’t look like your typical actresses.

    It’s really a very clear, straightforward concept.

    And I’m a dude, miss.

  • hm.

    Judi Bowker, a million times, Judi Bowker. She freaks me out.

  • Ryan

    @Madison (the dude with the really girly name)

    i have reread your previous posts and still remain entirely uncertain of your argument. you claim that the people who have commented on this post can’t make the connection between these actresses and a “unique” looking woman. i believe your wrong. if you look back, many comment on the fact that they find these women beautiful, yet strange looking in ways. yes, some people are commenting on the ugliness of these women, but i think it’s only fair to say that many people see “unique” looking individuals as “ugly” (seeing as the word is entirely subjective as you have said). with that being said, i think it is unfair to rag on the “dumb comments” for being subjective when it comes to views of “unique” “strange” “weird” or “ugly”. and THAT is really a very clear and straightforward concept.

  • Madison

    @ Ryan

    Madison isn’t my real name. I’ve met chicks named Ryan, though.

    I normally stop reading responses when commenters use “your” instead of “you’re,” but you seem like a somewhat intelligent guy. If you notice, I said “some” comments, not “all,” and my comment was directed mostly at Hamranhansenhansen, who commented that there was nothing strange-looking about these women, and somehow construes this post to mean that they don’t look like humans.

    I think that all these women are strange-looking (especially for actresses) in that they have either exaggerated or disproportionate features as compared to other women (or actresses). The whole point of this post, I imagine, was to show actresses who have a very unique look and stand out from the rest of Hollywood. Whether that makes them ugly or good-looking is totally subjective, and I don’t really care to argue that point. As an aside, I commented above that Christina Ricci is weird-looking, but I also find her hot as hell. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • CJ

    Sarah Jessica Parker is not unique, she’s flat out ugly. Her face looks like a foot. Christina Ricci could be on this list as she is interesting looking and we all want to find her crazy hot but there’s just something off that you can’t exactly put a finger on (besides the five-head).

  • Ryan

    @Mr. Madison

    you win this round my friend. but i will be watching you… oh yes, be careful of what you say, for i will have my vengeance!

  • Madison

    @ Ryan

    I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for reading.

  • ADL

    How the hell does Nicole Kidman not make this list. except maybe her acting really sucks.

  • ELN

    Uma Thurman? Really? She’s hot! There are so many other creepier looking actresses!

  • Lynnie

    RE: Gabrielle Anwar
    It’s the Botox. It’s painful to watch her try and act with all that plastic.

    I’ve always thought Amanda Seyfried ( to have a very unique look for an actress. I know a few girls who look like her in real life, I don’t know why you don’t see more actresses who look like her!

  • Lalotweet

    Am I the only one who thinks that Drew Barrymore looks like someone sat on her face when she smiles? Or that Julia Roberts lips look like two worms planted themselves on her face?

  • The Mutt

    I’d say Julia Roberts. Her upper lip is like a slab of liver, her nose looks like a two-car garage, and her eyes have that “I’m going to cut off your johnson while you sleep” look about them. Pretty woman? I’ve seen prettier ostriches.

  • Hope

    You forgot to mention Christina Ricci.

  • Lauren

    How about Zooey Deschanel? She’s pretty unearthly looking to me. Still hot as hell though 😀

  • Hershell L.

    Helena Bonham Carter is a fucking goddess.

  • David Gillies

    Jayma Mays (Ugly Betty, Heroes, Glee). She’s very cute, but the evil cheerleader coach on Glee described her a a ‘ginger pygmy with eyes like a bush baby’.

  • bai ling scares me- that’s what The Visitors look like if you peel off their human-looking exoskeletons

    Mary Lynn Rajskub is a hottie- have seen her on a few talk shows and she definitely has a goofy side

  • angryoldfatman

    How could Jennifer Garner not get a mention here? She’s the embodiment of that Seinfeld episode about the girlfriend who goes from hot to ugly back to hot again in the span of a few seconds. Like some lizard-alien shapeshifter that David Ickes is always going on about.

  • LShea

    Chillax, people – it said “Strangest Looking” not “Ugliest. smh I agree with the addition of some others mentioned in the earlier comments.

  • Laura

    @Ryan. . . Um. Barbara Streisand looks old in the picture you linked to. Old, and not ready to have her picture taken.

    But old people are very common human types. . . not alien at all. Look at your grandma or the lady down the street with no makeup.

    Just sayin’


  • Rae

    Hillary Swank!!! and yes, Renee Zellweger= unique. Mary Lynn Rajskub=unattractive, unless she would just smile instead of frowning all the time.

  • mike t

    maggie and uma are smokin hot.i agree christina should be on the list even thoughsh’e smokin hot too. i agree with chloe sevigny as well.

  • zweebo

    # LShea

    People get retarded on the internet. “strage looking” is a good thing.

  • Ednonymous

    Might be a valid list if at least half of the “actresses” are actually known by anyone.

  • How can you overlook Mare Winningham? She should be Number uno.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker

    I am pretty strange looking, wouldn’t you agree?

  • baddog8it

    What about Sandra Bernhard? I think she hit about every branch when falling out of the ugly tree.

  • Piker

    Debi Mazar…

  • Hedoguy

    You forgot Minnie Driver…

  • InCog Negro

    Bryce Dallas Howard has no place on this list.. However, I can’t imagine how you managed to miss Sigourney weaver, Kirsten Dunst, and Sarah Jessica Parker.. Now THOSE are some odd faces..
    P.S. Don’t scold me about Sigourney bcus of her age. You know as well as I do she looked even wierd than she does now back in the 80’s

  • TouchDownHero

    Mischa Barton is fuck hot anyways so that rules her out. Even though in that photo she looks like she’s been punched in the face.

  • Ian

    Tilda is a bit odd looking, but there’s still something intriguing about her that does it for me 🙂 Mary Lynn, Natasha, Bryce, Helena are all beautiful… not odd looking at to me. Gabrielle is just nasty to me… to damn skinny and her face looks like she has had so much work done (maybe not, but still too skinny)

    My List, in no particular order…

    Bai Ling

    Angelina Jolie – yuck. lips are too frickin big

    Amanda Plummer (Yolanda, aka Honey Bunny, Pulp Fiction)

    Keira Knightly – something about her mouth… its as if she has a fat lip and it won’t move but without the swelling. or like she has cotton in her mouth, but again without the swelling. i cant look at her bc of her mouth

    Ali Larter – upper lip sticks way up, showing nuttin but teeth and gums. irks me… again, can’t look at her bc of it

    Megan Fox – she WAS good looking, until all the surgery/botox/cologen. now she’s nasty

    Sandra Bernhardt – maybe not weird, but certainly UGLY 🙂

    Heather Matarazzo – see Tilda 🙂

    Julia Roberts – huge nose and nostrils; huge teeth; huge mouth… weird looking and very unattractive to me

    I could start a whole new list labeled “Ugly/Unattractive” 🙂

  • Auburnt

    I agree with this list!! But what about Claire Daines? I think she’s pretty but strangely so…

    and lol @ Ian’s list…I agree with you about Julia Roberts!

  • Auburnt

    Keira Knightly – something about her mouth… its as if she has a fat lip and it won’t move but without the swelling. or like she has cotton in her mouth, but again without the swelling. i cant look at her bc of her mouth

    —That is soo true too…I can’t stop staring at her mouth whenever she comes onscreen! Why is that??

    • Barbara Chambers

      Man, I thought I was the only one. Like a freaking bulldog that mouth. Like the bottom teeth are trying to eat her top lip.

  • Gwen

    This post was hilarious, especially the comment on Julia roberts’ worm lips!! Hahaha, you guys are too much

  • Abi

    I think reese with a spoon is strange looking, I could never figure out why, but I think she has a small mouth maybe thats it? but she looks really pretty sometimes.

    I agree with uma thuman and micha barton.

    Jessica alba looks strange with blonde hair

  • Chris

    Not one comment for Mena Suvari? That’s one odd looking woman. Undecided as to whether she’s actually hot or not.

    Sorry I’m late to the party. It took this long for StumbleUpon to direct me here.

  • Creeper901

    Where are Juliet Landau, Salome Jens, Kim McGuire, Barbara Steele, Grace Zabriskie and Liv Tyler? Although Liv Tyler is not as strange-looking as the others. I will also say this – both she and Juliet Landau are actually quite attractive. Barbara Steele would be, were it not for those big, sinister eyes.

  • who cares

    Lily Cole is pretty funny looking for someone so hot.

  • OK, I did a search for Gabrielle Anwar and “looks” because I love the show, but her MOUTH! It just BOTHERS me to no end. In the photo posted here, she looks VERY normal, but look at her when she is just RELAXING her mouth; it looks like an porn star’s anal sphincter! I mean, it looks like someone beat her lips with a meat tenderizing mallet! Or she stuck her wet lips to a frozen light pole and pulled away–but she did it more than ONCE!!! What I am getting at is, when her lips are relaxed, they just look F’n mangled.

    And I totally agree with the comment on Bai Ling. I lived in China for five years (I’m white American) and by Chinese standards, she is ugly as a F’n mongrel dog! I can’t really go into it to much, because it really makes me ill just thinking about her obscene face, but really, she gives normal, run of the mill, wall flower Chinese peasant girls a BAD NAME, she is so F’n ugly!!!

  • G

    I really think Natascha McElhone is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I’m obsessed with her.

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  • steve

    Reese Witherspoon should be in this list, feels so wierd

    • Devhog

      I have never thought Reese was ugly, but highly overrated & not pretty

  • steve

    meant to say looks so wierd

  • Haylee

    Zooey Deschanel is not unique looking at all, if she didn’t have big blue eyes I doubt people would look twice at her. If you have dark hair with those stupid bangs, pale skin and blue eyes you probably get that you look like her quite often. Just saying.

    • Puk

      She is unique looking. Compare her combination of traits to the rest of the world and she will undoubtedly stick out from the crowd. I for one think she is stunning.

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal is THE MOST sexiest woman alive! This from a straight, happily married woman!

  • Amera

    I actually think Bryce Dallas Howard is one of the most beautiful actresses ever..

  • teresa

    I cannot believe this article…how hypercritical can one be. I would like to see your face author. You are probably even critical of your own face! Perhaps when you accept your own you can accept others… sheesh!

    • andersonpatricia

      Actors are sort of fair game as they are often held out as exceptional. They really are not. Most American high schools have at least 20 young women attending who are technically prettier than the celebrities we worship. We Americans are often blindly accepting. Blindly.

  • casey

    christina ricci would be a good one.

  • ugh

    i really enjoyed this article. their uniqueness is what makes them stand out imo. their unique qualities make (most of them) really attractive 😀

  • christina

    wtf!!??!! hollywood has much stranger looking ladies than most of these beauties. lady gaga belongs on this list, she looks odd, very very odd, hence here outrageous makeup and accesories, i would cover that face too! half the women you have listed wear natural makup because they look so good they do not need to modify with strong makup as per jenna marbles (see how to trick people into thinking your good looking) i have even pulled out a ruler to chek the ratios of these faces, and buddy you are wack, most of the faces are perfect! guess you are far too used to plain janes and potato faces (jessica simpson, pretty enought but comeone, that is one fucked up face!)

  • Dom

    Fiona from burn notice has had collagen needled into her top lip WAY too much. She looks like she has duck lips and it also makes her look a bit off somehow. All actresses who have had that done look the same way, off and ugly mouthed. yuck

  • Andy B.

    The most attractive people in the world, all fit into the category of strange, due to the very fact that they are so unusually attractive. It might have been better to call this “The Most Unconventionally Attractive Women In Hollywood” As for the primates who’ve been posting comments expressing their hatred towards certain actresses whom they perceive to be ugly, you need to fucking evolve. The last thing the world needs right now, is more shallow douche bags who hate people for not having been given what they’d consider to be the right genetic gifts.

    • Beano

      So you argument is that the most attractive people in the world look strange, therefore strange people look most attractive. Firstly, your premise is nonsense, strange = unusual, not unusually attractive; that is just your subjective opinion and thus not of any real consequence. Secondly, your argument is based on the fallacious application of logic, equivalent to saying all cats are mammals, therefore all mammals are cats. Thirdly, people can feel how they want about other people; nobody forced these actresses into the public eye, so if they can’t handle the fact not everyone wants to look at them, perhaps they should have considered a different career. Oh, and I bet with your cycloptic world view you haven’t posted an equivalent criticism on the “10 Strangest Looking Actors in Hollywood” article.

      • John Wick

        HAHA. love your work Beano, I’ve been a fan for some time Sir / Madam ..

        look out for me too, John Wick of course..

  • Jackie

    Rooney mara. She’s beautiful for sure but creepy.

  • Josh

    Bai Ling is flat out UGLY as HELL!

    • Devhog

      Yep she is!

  • ObservantOne

    I just wanted to point out that almost everyone on your list is British. Perhaps British women look more “alien” compared to the rest of Hollywood? Nah, there really is something weird looking about a lot of Brits.

  • irv

    what about zoey deschanel

  • Kay

    Come on, the reason welike to see people that arent perfect is that it makes us feel better about ourselves. Were only picking on women here, but face it, the days of THE REAL MOVIE STARS are over. No more Rock Hudson, Cary Grants, Liz Taylors or Marilyns. THERE NEVER WERE!! Only fantasy in BLACK AND WHITE. A product of the big studios and camera lighting!!! Give these women a break!!! The men are FAR WORSE!! Most are AVERAGE JOES at BEST!!!

  • Krystal

    Missy Pyle and Penelope Cruz?

  • Dave Bennett

    Drew Barrymore huge jaw, Julianne Moore huge jaw, SJP huge jaw, Claire Danes huge jaw… pattern here? Reese Witherspoon beady eyes pointy jaw looks like implant, Julia Stiles huge melon head… God Mothers to all odd looking actresses… Meryl Streep and Glenn Close SCAREY!

  • maya

    helena bonham is really gorgeous! i love how she looks and how smart she is. it’s very right that she’s a “burton lady”.
    and maggie. i never think she’s ugly either. she has such unique facial features and there’s a sort of originality about her. she was amazing in Crazy Heart. and bryce dallas IS really otherworldly 🙂

    but bai ling is super ugly. there’s nothing unique or appealing about her at all. no sex appeal, no brain appeal… certainly shouldn’t be in this post :p

  • Kassey

    Uh….Why is Maggie Gyllenhaul on here??? She is like pretty.

  • Hot chicks

    This article is ridiculous. Natascha McElhone isn’t just pretty, she’s one of the hottest women on the planet. You act like people are supposed to have certain “bone structures”, features, etc. You are pathetic.

    • Puk

      The author isn’t claiming they aren’t attractive, quite the contrary, he even calls Natascha pretty AND on top of that, most people on this list are told they look unique.. I would think that was a great compliment.

      Yes her eyes do look too huge for her head, if you compare the eye to head ratio to an average, hers IS abnormal, that is a FACT – but it still looks interesting and beautiful. Don’t take all things in a bad way, to me this article was about unconventional beauty, not bashing anyone for not fitting the hollywood mold.

  • Tom

    Maggie Gyllenhaal is hands down the cutest most beautiful actress to ever hit the silver screen.

  • Sgirl

    I agree with Hot Chicks and Andy B.: This is a stupid topic to write an entire article about. Granted, I blame myself for clicking on this link after somehow coming across it when I googled Gabrielle Anwar.

    So what if most if not all of these women have unconventional looks? Most if not all of them are at least interesting-looking if not very attractive, which is a cool drink of water when you consider all of the cookie-cutter and surgically enhanced actresses in Hollywood.

    While I’m sure some have, I’d bet money that a select few of these women haven’t had any plastic surgery done to correct their facial unconventionalities, either, which I respect as well. At least they own what they were born with.

    But if you really want to talk about weird-looking Hollywood actresses, let’s talk about the queen of them all: Angelina Jolie. From her too-big-for-her-head eyes to her fish-mouth lips to her five-head, she is scary as hell to look at. Plus, she’s had a sh*tload of plastic surgery to conventionalize her looks, though many deluded fans would beg to differ. And the world STILL considers her one of the most beautiful women to walk the Earth. Personally, I want to gag whenever I see her.

    I guess beauty really is in the eye of the media machine–er–beholder.

    • Taeminniexni

      Lol. You must be one of those people who in the same breathe, finds Nicole Kidman and Megan Fox to be beautiful with similar features to Angelina. I guess it’s trendy to hate on Jolie these days, yawn.

  • kay

    i disagree with bryce dallas howard and natascha mcelhone. theyre beautiful!!! everyone else i totally get it! id like to add renee zellweger, anne hathaway, sandra oh, olivia wilde, amanda seyfried, and franka potente!!

  • Garlin

    What is the purpose of this blog?? Seriously. WTF is the author trying to convey?? He is so misleading in his intention yet he will pull the punch by saying he actually fancies freaks. Is this an apologetic style of insulting people? You initially say these people are weird looking and in the same breath of your personal descriptions allay your acrimony with admissions that you find them attractive.

  • Kay

    I think uniqueness is what sets truly beautiful people apart from the rest, at least from a physical standpoint. Women like Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, and Kate Hudson might have more “conventional” looks but are generally rather bland and forgettable. They just lack that striking quality and you have to wonder whether their looks are real or just painted on. I guess that goes for most Hollywood celebrities though.

    I think most of the actresses in your list are ok looking, with the exception of Uma Thurman and Gabrielle Anwar, who I would consider beautiful, and Mischa Barton, who is downright fug. Most of them have interesting faces though, which I prefer over cookie-cutter clones any day.

    • Puk

      Woah, calling someone “fug” makes you sound so intelligent…

  • Kay

    And that Bai Ling woman is frightening…Tilda has exceptional acting talent but when I look at her, praying mantis comes to mind. Eyes should not be that huge on humans. Amanda Seyfried and Christina Ricci also sport some disproportionately huge bug eyes. Combine that with huge foreheads and tiny noses and yes, the stereotypical image of an alien does come to mind.

  • trish

    I think the point of the article is that these women look different from the stereotypes in Hollywood. They did not change their looks and they seem happy in their own skin. I am considered to be ‘different’, i get asked where i come from. I was born in England to an English mother whose family had great genetics in the looks department, and some of the Irish genes from the father meant we are very healthy and fit. We are all green eyed and we have jet black hair with good cheek bones, it stands out to others. I don’t think the writer meant unattractive, just out of the ordinary. I think that Helena Bonham Carter has a very unique look which is very rare now. I also think that Cherlize Theron is stunning. Saying that about my genetics, my son looked like Andy Pandy when he was born!

  • Elise

    Seriously? And you forgot Ileanna Douglas???

  • Ri

    Love your list. Christina Ricci & Mena Suvari. Kirsten Dunst & Emily Browning. Sometimes Claire Forlani.

  • ally dey

    Fairuzsa Balk

    • Googlegal

      Nah…she is just straight up Fugly.

  • Judy Garland was constantly told she was unattractive and fat until she met Vincent Manelli, the first of many gay guys to fall in love with her. When he filmed her singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” in “Meet Me in St. Louis”, it was the first time Judy ever really admitted that she looked beautiful.

    My vote goes to Sarah Jessica Parker.

    • andersonpatricia

      Judy Garland was not especially pretty. She was talented but not pretty. Actually the prettiest faces are highly symmetrical and very average. The very fact that they are average figures in. There has been very extensive research as to what comprises human attractiveness. For that matter all living things choose mates based on symmetry as symmetry is a powerful marker of genetic resilience/health.

  • Cadet

    Everyone needs to chill out the author never said they did not find these actresses pretty. They’re just saying their faces are different from “most” meaning the “average”. How many people are you going to find that look like Uma Thurman for example? Slim to none. HOWEVER, that does not change the fact that she IS beautiful. Some people out there have faces that are so different from the faces we usually see. These actresses included.

  • HerrinSchadenfreude

    You should probably drop Tilda Swinton Natascha McElhone, Helena Bonham Carter AND Bai Ling off of this list right away. All of these women are beautiful. That some dress very eccentrically or have very ethnic looks (Bai Ling), or have (gasp) interesting bone structure, if that is even accurate, is either completely irrelevant and petty or else is the very reason why they are so unique and gorgeous. I for one am pretty sick of the Kate Upton, the Jessica Simpson (wide mouth bass) and the dancing skeleton type that Tom Brady is married to. Women like Jessica Alba and Amy Adams are too easy.

    Whomever said Amanda Siefried (sp?) and Julianne Moore are out of their skulls or more likely lying through their teeth. And their two front teeth are likely just what they’d have given up to be the meat in that Chloe sandwich those two did. And if either of those posters wasted more than a second snapping out of their personal nightmares I would happily slip right in. And that goes double for whoever mentioned Christina Ricci, Olivia Wilde, and Penelope Cruz. Go do Barbie if you want to. Real men want women who have uniqueness, personal style and character! And so do real women!

  • Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson

    Gabrielle Anwar I agree on as well as Tilda Swinton.

    Gabrielle looks absolutely gorgeous in one thing then the next time you see her she looks like she’s 70 years old or something. Tilda has an androgenous elven male face though, she’s just plain weird looking all the time.

  • lara

    ”her bone structure says she wants to take me back to her home planet and do things to me”

    r u an idiot ?

  • Sosa Laforge

    not all of them in this list look strange.

  • Weeaboo Trash

    id smash every female on this list raw no alcohol required

  • Blah

    My old flatmates laughed at me when I said I found Maggie Gyllenhal attractive. They laughed at me even more when I said I had a crush on Alyson Hannigan or that my favourite of the Hollyoaks girls was Nancy where they all like the tall blonde ones. They think I have such weird taste in women. Think they’d laugh at me even more if I said my current celebrity crush is Kate Micucci.

  • andersonpatricia

    I don’t care much about celebrities. I find our culture’s childlike fascination with them to be low I.Q….very primate in the most negative sense. I accidently left the tv on after the news and that tittering idiot everyone adores, Jimmy Fallon, was interviewing Nicole Kidman and her Hollywoud looking husband. What happened to her face? Why are her teeth so long and enormous? She now has buck teeth. Is that on purpose? She used to have neat, small Northern European teeth to match the rest of her. It is okay to be a white girl with small, pretty teeth and thinner lips. It’s okay to be who you are whatever your ethnicity. I gotta remember to turn the tv off after the news. Our celebrity culture is so scary dumb.

  • McCormick

    I think the adjective that you’re looking for here, is unconventional. All of these women are unconventional beauties.

  • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

    I like Maggie Gyllenhaal just Fine. She does GREAT work on the Deuce, and she had me at “Hello” with those Scandinavian eyes of hers. UMA?!? Yeah, she’s so Hot she COULD be from another planet, but what’s she doing on THIS list???

  • Barbara Chambers

    Way, way late to this…but I have to wonder, where is Later Sackhoff? Perpetual duck lips and when that HA-YUGE mouth isn’t looking like she just smelled crap on her shoe, that ear to ear mouth makes her look like she should be on a ventriloquist knee.

  • Barbara Chambers

    Damn..Katee, not Later. Freaking auto correct