The 10 Best Comedies Of 2012

5. Ted

Ted was the biggest surprise of the year for me. I just didn’t expect to love a live-action movie that involved a talking teddy bear. Boy was I wrong. The plot is familiar and even cliche, but Seth MacFarlane delivers the goods. This movie is gut-bursting funny from the get go, and that’s all I ask for from a movie by the Family Guy creator.

4. Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed is another delightful indie. It tells the story of three journalists who go on a mission to find a mysterious guy who believes he can travel in time. Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass play the romantic leads, and before you point out the age difference (something I did too), let me just say that they win you over with their charming performances. The film’s finale is also worth pointing out – it’s so surprising you’re going to want to watch again.

3. Pitch Perfect

I walked into Pitch Perfect expecting to hate it. I literally sat in the theater, with my arms crossed and a grumpy face. I saw the trailer and automatically wrote it off as another cheesy musical. But once the movie started, I just couldn’t keep from laughing, I tried, I really did, but Rebel Wilson’s charm won me over. Now I am her faithful servant. Also, for those of you who might be skeptical like I was, Pitch Perfect is not a regular musical. The characters never sing their feelings. This isn’t a Glee knock-off. The music is just there for fun.

2. This Is 40

Like I mentioned before – I want a comedy to make me laugh. That’s the most important thing for me. The story comes after. Judd Apatow’s This Is 40 is LOL hilarious. There’s tons of jokes, funny pop cultural references and hilarious one-liners. There’s also great cameos and a sidesplitting performance by Melissa McCarthy. Heck, even Megan Fox is amusing. This Is 40 is not as funny and focused as Knocked Up, but Apatow still delivers the laughs.

1. Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom is a fascinating coming-of-age movie. Wes Anderson‘s latest tells the story of the young love between two eccentric teenagers who decide to be runaways together. This precious film is held together by Wes Anderson’s charming visual style and some very strong performances. This quirky comedy is a soon-to-be classic.

  • Uncoolaidman

    Ahem.. 21 Jump Street. Should probably be in that #5 spot.

    • I’ll add it to honorable mentions since, I myself, have not yet seen it.

  • Josh

    Glad to see Safety Not Guaranteed on this list. I absolutely adored that film.

  • Wite Boy

    Thats My Boy might be for me. Ted was meh, only liked the restaurant scene.

  • Dave

    I agree with most of this list, but I am shocked that 21 Jump Street didn’t make the cut. Goddamn funniest movie of the year. Once I saw Ted at #5 I thought for sure 21JS was soon to follow. Just surprised is all…

  • Brian

    Agree with others, 21 Jump Street was the biggest surprise of the year. It was a film that had no reason to be great, but was pleasantly hilarious. I enjoyed Moonrise Kingdom (even if it was Wes Anderson being Wes Anderson yet again). This is 40 was terrible and Apatow needs to find a new schtick. Overall a lousy year for comedies, then again it was a lousy year for movies in general.

  • Derek

    Also surprised that 21 Jump Street isn’t on here. Hilarious movie!

    And the age difference between Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass is only 8 years!

  • “Safety Not Guaranteed” wasn’t terribly funny and was a pretty poor indie film. The point where one of the characters plays a song that he wrote himself, which is not played for laughs and has lyrics that have nothing to do with the film, it was clear that the film was completely up its own arse.

    The premise of “Safety Not Guaranteed” had a massive scope, not least since the advert was really placed and all sorts of interesting responses were made to the real life advert. In the film the only responses we see are from a single team of journalists and in the end the film has barely any references to time travel even as a concept. The film was a huge disappointment.

  • keo29

    Thanks for mentioning Turn me on, Dammit!. Had it not been for you, I would have missed it and never heard about it. I really enjoyed it.