Ranking Terry Gilliam’s Top Seven Movies

When thinking about the “weird” directors of the world you have to rank Terry Gilliam up there with the likes of a Stanley Kubrick or a Tim Burton.  Some guys just have a very strange way of interpreting a story.  Granted that interpretation can be completely awesome.   In Gilliam’s case (as with the other two) I would argue that their styles are incredibly successful and refreshing.

As such I thought it’d be a fun idea to rank some of my favorite Terry Gilliam movies.  He’s only directed 15 films so I didn’t have a ton to choose from but below you’ll find my top seven…..

7.  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I might get reamed for putting this at number seven but then again there are going to be tons of people disagreeing with the rankings anyway.   But to defend my position here.   Seriously, you really had to be on drugs to watch this movie.   It’s extremely hard to follow unless you yourself are tripping on acid or mushrooms.   It’s a great film but what is it about again?

6.  Monty Python and  the Holy Grail

I had to put it in here but I won’t lie when I say I really don’t think this movie is funny at all.  That’s all I have to say about that.

5.  The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

This movie was all kinds of weird.  What’s weirder is that there’s a cameo by Robin Williams and he was never credited.   Second, Sarah Polley is the little girl who stars in the film.  Third, you see Uma Thurman topless. And lastly the film’s star, john Neville had a tiny part in The Fifth Element.   I really thought he’d be big time after this movie.   In any event, very imaginative and a very fun film.

4.  Brazil

This was definitely one of Gilliam’s weirder films…even for him.   I can’t get that image of Katherine Helmond’s head being stretched out of my dreams.   But Gilliams always had an eye for strange apocalyptic type scenarios.   Plus to see Robert DeNiro in such a weird movie is definitely pretty cool.

3.  Time Bandits

Personally this is one of my favorite movies of all time.   It’s just an amazing journey through worlds.   The movie is filled with great guess appearances including Sean Connery.   And to top it all off the whole thing is hilarious.  A bunch of little midgets running around in time warps robbing stuff?  It’s incredible.

2.  The Fisher King

I was debating whether or not this would be number one.   Of all of Gilliam’s films this is the most “real.”   While there’s still the creativity and craziness, this is Gilliam’s first portrayal of real characters in real life with real problems.   It was probably my favorite “serious” role of Robin Williams.  And of course, Jeff Bridges is always awesome.

1.   Twelve Monkeys

From the zany soundtrack to the incredible plot to the perfect cast, what’s not to love about this movie?  Everything about it scream awesome which is why it’s my number one.


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