Terminator 5 to Take Place in the Present?


Director McG recently spoke to filmjournal.com and briefly touched upon what he had in mind for Terminator 5.  It seems unconventional, but I think it could work.  I think.  From the article:

“I strongly suspect the next movie is going to take place in a [pre-Judgment Day] 2011,” McG reveals. “John Connor is going to travel back in time and he’s going to have to galvanize the militaries of the world for an impending Skynet invasion. They’ve figured out time travel to the degree where they can send more than one naked entity. So you’re going to have hunter killers and transports and harvesters and everything arriving in our time and Connor fighting back with conventional military warfare, which I think is going to be fucking awesome. I also think he’s going to meet a scientist that’s going to look a lot like present-day Robert Patrick [who famously played the T-1000 in Terminator 2], talking about stem-cell research and how we can all live as idealized, younger versions of ourselves.”

At least it’s original.  Also, you can’t have three movies in a row about the war against Skynet in the future and not add some time travel.  I’m not going to flip out and say that McG sucks; I don’t think it’s fair to do that until after seeing Terminator: Salvation.  The guy really seems to “get” the Terminator mythology and is incredibly anxious to please fans and James Cameron, too.  And before you start getting all riled up about what he may or may not do with John Connor, they did some pretty out-there sh*t with Connor on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and that was one of the best-written shows on television.  It’s just too bad that nobody watched it.  You can read the entire article HERE.

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  • fred

    You know why Terminator 3 sucked? Because nobody wanted to see yet another terminator movie shot in present day.

    You know why nobody watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles? Because nobody wanted to see yet another terminator story shot in present day.

    You’re beating a dead horse with the present day crap.

    Get to the future wars that everyone’s been salivating to see for 2 decades and stay there for crying out loud.

  • Madison


    T3 sucked for a lot of reasons, not just the time period in which it was supposed to take place.

    People who didn’t watch Sarah Connor Chronicles missed out. That’s not my problem.

    And as far as T5 taking place in the present, you can’t differentiate between the formula of one or two terminators sent back and an entire army of Skynet being sent back? Really?

  • terminatorfanfanfan

    OMG !!! Nobody wants to see another pre.day film of the terminator..and what is this horrible story plan….:S Robots and connor traveling back? We are big fans of terminator and we are very dissapointed and also the whole world audiences shall be if this T5 film is going to be born with these abnormal ideas!!! We liked the T4 and finally said that after the T3 it was a good feeling, but what happened to McG ??? Did he hit his head? 🙁 or what? All things considered we have to say that : the film industry must stop this project until McG will able to write a good idea for T5. Unfortunatelly this is a really SEEERRRIIIOOOUUSSS PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO FIX IT!

  • Madison

    @ terminatorfanfanfan

    You liked T4? Ugh. I have no faith in McG after that film, regardless of what the T5 story will be.

  • J

    McG is a pice of SH!T someone needs to stop him. T4 was an A$$ rapping of the terminator franchise. F&%# YOU McfaG!!!!!!!!!

  • Madison

    @ J

    Yeah, I don’t want McG near this franchise ever again.

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  • TP 10

    Strictly for the circle-jerks of the comfort-zone.


  • by the way actually fuck you aswell mcg does not suck get it through your thick head you piece of fucking shit mcg is a better director


    Do NOT!! MAKE ANOTHER TERMINATOR IN THE PRESENT!!! Clearly McG has never watched these films. “Sending Harvesters and HKs through time”? it was clearly stated that machines cant go through time without skin McG you retard. He is also fucking us over by not showing the future war!!! WE WANT PLASMA RIFLES!! DESTRUCTION!!! JAMES CAMERON SAVE US!!!

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