Ten of the Best Star Wars Parody, Remix and Mash-Up Videos


Perhaps no film series has inspired more parody than Star Wars. An endless legion of fans means an endless amount of remixes and mash-ups, and for the truly die hard, costumes, scripts and special effects. Here are ten of my favorite, in no particular order.

1) The Injured Stormtrooper


“Has this ever happened before?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

2) Darth Vader Feels Blue


Wait for it.

3) Troops


An extensive budget (relatively speaking) yields one of the better videos on this list, that actually fills in some holes from the original films.4) Benny Hill Battle of Naboo


I actually think that all of Phantom Menace could have been filmed like this and the film wouldn’t have lost anything.

5) Death Star Canteen


This is a bit adapted from a rather hilarious Eddie Izzard  stand-up bit. Please try to ignore the worst Darth Vader costume ever.

6) Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager


The most famous parody out of all of them. I still don’t know how they did the voice to such perfection.

7) Star Wars Gangsta Rap


I remember listening to this like back in middle school, but with the new accompanying video, it’s better than ever.

8 ) Stormtrooper Help Desk


Is the armor really necessary for cubicle life?

9 ) Star Wars vs. Star Trek


Not just any ordinary mash-up, this is very well done. Picard v. Vader is one for the ages.

10) Darth Vader Being a Smartass




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