Ten of the Best Movie Opening Credits

Goddamnit YouTube. I’m getting sick of your shit. No, I won’t complain about the 30 second unskippable ads, insane buffering times or the popularity of Fred. Rather, I’m tired of how you bend over for any company that claims copyright infringement without question, and destroy users who “violate” such policies, be they actual TRIBUTES to movies or shows fans love, or even a baby humming a song that we can recognize.

Why am I so mad? Because I just tried to write a list about the top 10 best movie opening credits ever, and it’s been such an exercise in frustration, I can barely stand it. Yes, I found nine (I gave up) good ones, but were they remotely close to the ones I wanted? No, because all those videos have been stripped, despite being under two minutes long. I wanted to honor your damn movies you idiots!

This policy has also dismantled some of my favorite past posts, like my Recurring Arrested Development Jokes one, or my Kids Show Rap Mashup roundup. The amount of YouTube videos that work in each of those now? Two (out of eight) and six (out of twelve). Thanks guys, you’ve really done a lot to protect your intellectual property here.

Anyways, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, this list. There are some good ones in here, but if I missed your favorite, trust me, I probably tried to find it.

1. Lord of War


“The Life of a Bullet” where the intro is better remembered than the movie itself.

2. Watchmen


A great way to tell the history of the Watchmen, and a powerful opening to the film.

3. Contact


Stop and makes you think.

4. Zombieland


Can’t beat slow motion zombie gore.

5. Catch Me If You Can


Very cool art style here.

6. Thank You For Smoking


Good use of typography.

7. Se7en


Creepiest intro ever made.

8. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


In the same vein as Catch Me If You Can.

9. Vacancy


Titles far, far more creative than the movie. Very Hitchcock-ian.

  • Ailise

    I think the Fight Club opening is awesome, being inside the body (mostly head/brain and so on) and then coming out as sweat and end at the gun in the mouth.

    ps. nr 9 Vacancy links the same as nr 8.

  • Chris

    The opening credits for Panic Room were better than the rest of the movie

  • noemi

    Dude, proofread your posts. Srsly, I mean, this site may not require a formal language, with a strict grammar, but DANG, sometimes your typos are just annoying!

    I really love this site, and I love the stuff you post (I’ve been reading Unreality every day for a year now), but it’s lack of professionalism to allow typos and other errors to slip in. Or maybe I don’t get it, since I am a humble foreigner.

  • @noemi

    Found one instance where “you” should be “your.” Am I missing something else major? I read through it twice again.

    I write about 15 posts a day across this and three other sites, sometimes things slip through, so apologies. Would love a copy editor, but such things are not in the budget of most small websites like ours.

    I do proofread, but often when you’ve written something, you know what you meant to say, so your brain can skip over typos that seem obvious to others, even if you read it multiple times.

  • noemi


    Yeah, man, I see your point, it’s just that my brain does not work like the brain of a native speaker, so I get stumbled into typos and stranger grammatical constructions.

    Sorry, I think I am particularly bitchy today… Now I feel guilty cos all of it wa sbecause of a thing I misread. Meh, I’d probably feel better if I could make my comment disappear, cos I genuinely do love the stuff you post.

    *goes and wallows in sorrow and guilt*

  • BOLT

    I wish I left after the opening credits of Watchmen…it was garbage and doesn’t deserve any praise

  • Leo

    The credits for Casino royal where some of the best i’ve ever seen. Should be on this list.

  • zsasz

    Ichi the killer had a pretty awesome snappy sequence

    (the name of the movie spelled out in the characters spunk…original for sure)

  • Ellie

    Will there be a followup list? Ten of the Best Movie Closing Credits?

    I think The Incredibles should be on that list.

  • Steve

    Ahem, Superman: The Movie. The first Terminator opening credits were simple but effective as well. And just for fun, I like Back to The Future 2’s opening credits. Can’t go wrong with flying through the clouds.

  • Sylus

    Foreign French movie called District b13. Has this incredible opening credit scene with drug deals and shit

  • zomgmouse

    This site is great for opening credits/title sequences:

  • Drester

    Can’t we post youtube links?

  • Lagrange

    The movie with my favorite end credits is Yes Man

  • Blake

    Saul Bass. Study.

    Also, Prologue. Look them up Tassi.

  • Chuck

    Can’t believe you didn’t include Stranger Than Fiction it was way more creative than Vacancy!

  • the balance

    i dont know if it would qualify as an opening sequence…but that 5 minutes of UP that told the old mans life story was better that 2 hrs of 95% of the crap that hollywood pumps out. seriously some of the best film making ever. hell, that was a better love story than 99.9% of chick flicks…

  • C

    I’m pretty tired, so maybe I’m missing something, but I’m only seeing 9 credits, and the title says there should be ten?

  • C

    Yeah, ok. I re-read the intro paragraph. My bad.

  • sveyden

    I only count 9 (Ten of the Best Movie Opening Credits) and where is “Enter The Void” ?

  • Drawnblud

    “Dawn of the Dead” remake had really cool credits:)

  • John

    The opening credits of Scrooged pushes these opening credits down a flight of stairs, walks down that flight of stairs, and then kicks these opening credits in the teeth.

  • Parabéns pela idéia. De tão boa copiamos para o nosso blog, onde também o elencamos como um dos nossos sites favoritos.

    Parabéns pelo blog!

  • Neptuny

    My heart will always go to ‘Paprika,’ which I think has one of the best openings and most lovable ones in all of cinema history. But don’t just see the credits, see the whole movie. Oh, and shout out to ‘Death Proof.’ Seriously, where’s ‘Death Proof’? I also agree about ‘Watchmen,’ except those damn credits lasted so long. I started getting sleepy ’round the fifty minute mark (obviously exaggerating).

  • Jesse

    My favorite title sequence is definitely for “Enter the Void”. Where’s that?

  • John

    The “Superman (1978)” opening credits need to be represented.