Ten of the Best Movie Opening Credits

Goddamnit YouTube. I’m getting sick of your shit. No, I won’t complain about the 30 second unskippable ads, insane buffering times or the popularity of Fred. Rather, I’m tired of how you bend over for any company that claims copyright infringement without question, and destroy users who “violate” such policies, be they actual TRIBUTES to movies or shows fans love, or even a baby humming a song that we can recognize.

Why am I so mad? Because I just tried to write a list about the top 10 best movie opening credits ever, and it’s been such an exercise in frustration, I can barely stand it. Yes, I found nine (I gave up) good ones, but were they remotely close to the ones I wanted? No, because all those videos have been stripped, despite being under two minutes long. I wanted to honor your damn movies you idiots!

This policy has also dismantled some of my favorite past posts, like my Recurring Arrested Development Jokes one, or my Kids Show Rap Mashup roundup. The amount of YouTube videos that work in each of those now? Two (out of eight) and six (out of twelve). Thanks guys, you’ve really done a lot to protect your intellectual property here.

Anyways, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, this list. There are some good ones in here, but if I missed your favorite, trust me, I probably tried to find it.

1. Lord of War


“The Life of a Bullet” where the intro is better remembered than the movie itself.

2. Watchmen


A great way to tell the history of the Watchmen, and a powerful opening to the film.

3. Contact


Stop and makes you think.

4. Zombieland


Can’t beat slow motion zombie gore.

5. Catch Me If You Can


Very cool art style here.

6. Thank You For Smoking


Good use of typography.

7. Se7en


Creepiest intro ever made.

8. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


In the same vein as Catch Me If You Can.

9. Vacancy


Titles far, far more creative than the movie. Very Hitchcock-ian.


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