Ten of the Baddest Fictional Movie Weapons


Movies often provide us with the chance to escape reality for a couple of hours, so in a violent movie, normal, regular weapons won’t always do.  To take on imaginary armies and beasts, you’re going to need imaginary weapons.  Fictional movie weapons may be alien in origin or just plain overpowering, but for whatever the reason, they tend to be pretty bad ass.  I didn’t include some very famous movie weapons in this article – such as Indy’s whip or Ash’s chainsaw – for the very simple reason that whips are chainsaws aren’t fictional.  For the purposes of this article, I’m talking about weapons that don’t exist in the first place.  Which is unfortunate – I’d do anything to walk down the street with Predator’s wrist blades.  Here are, in no particular order, ten of the baddest fictional movie weapons:

The Big Baby – Hellboy II: The Golden Army


Hellboy’s Big Baby is a six-barreled monstrosity that fires off small rockets.  The powerful, heavy gun packs a ton of punch and causes serious damage on its targets.  You do not want to wake the Baby.

Lightsaber – Star Wars Movies


The lightsaber is one of the most famous fictional weapons of all time.  They come in a variety of colors and styles, but every lightsaber is in and of itself an incredibly powerful weapon.  Lightsabers can cut through just about anything, can block lasers, and make some of the coolest sounds you’ll ever hear.  If I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these bad boys, I’d be constantly turning it on and off, just for that sweet, energetic hum.

Ol’ Painless – Predator


Cumbersome?  Yes.  Impractical?  Definitely.  Totally devestating?  Absolutely.  Blaine’s ridiculous minigun in Predator sprays lead at an insurmountable rate, mowing down adversaries by the dozens.  Miniguns aren’t fictional, but Ol’ Painless definitely is: the gun, which is normally mounted on the side of a helicoptor, had to undergo numerous modifications to transform it into a personal killing machine.

Smart Disc – Predator 2


It’s tough to pick just one weapon from the Predator’s impressive arsenal, but the smart disc is perhaps the most lethal.  The bladed disc can easily cut through layers of meat and bone, and conveniently returns to its owner after being hurled at an enemy.  The disc doesn’t have to be thrown, though – it can serve as a very effective weapon for close range combat as well.  In summary: I want one.

The Glaive – Krull


In Krull, Prince Colwyn must locate the ancient, magical weapon known at the Glaive.  He uses the Glaive, a sort of five-pointed bladed boomerang, to destory the Beast.  The Glaive’s range is impressive, and its spinning blades can easily eviscerate the largest of foes.

Cobra Assault Cannon – Robocop


The Cobra Assault Cannon is a high-powered gun that you really only need to fire once.  The Cobra can destroy a car and even an ED-209 with just one shot, making it one of the most powerful personal firearms around.  It’s like having your very own missle launcher.

The Crotch Gun – From Dusk Till Dawn


As seen in From Dusk Till Dawn and briefly in Desperado, no words can adequately describe the awesomeness that is the Crotch Gun.  Quite simply, it’s the Best. Weapon. Ever.  One must feel like such a man after firing this weapon.

Proton Pack – Ghostbusters


Also known as a positron collider, the proton pack is the weapon of choice for the Ghostbusters.  Designed by Dr. Egon Spengler, the proton pack is used to incapacitate ghosts, holding them in place long enough to be captured by a ghost trap.  Wielding these powerful weapons is risky, as the last thing you want to do is cross the streams: “Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.”

Phaser – Star Trek Movies


The phaser is to Star Trek what the lightsaber is to Star Wars.  They come in a variety of sizes, but we’re most used to seeing the handheld version, as seen above.  The phaser, a directed-energy weapon, can be set to two settings: stun and kill.  Seems simple enough.  Now where can I get one?

Wolverine’s Claws – X-Men Movies


Wolverine’s healing factor made him the prime candidate for a procedure that involved grafting adamantium to his skeleton and implanting retractable adamantium claws.  Capable of cutting through anything, Wolvie’s claws can make mincemeat out of an enemy in just a matter of seconds.  Snikt!

  • nycjay


  • Beanflick

    Waaaah! good list, but where’s the Aliens smartgun (“let’s rock!!!”)?

  • David

    God, I know I will sound like a huge dork, but Wolvernine was born with retractable bone claws. The experiment that covered his skeleton in Adamantium, also covered his claws.

  • HumanJHawkins

    Um… What about the Genesis Device? Or the Death Star?

    This list is missing a representative from the planet-destroying-weapon category.

  • Not a nerd

    Wolverine’s claws weren’t implanted. He had claws made of bone prior to the adamantium grafting. Wolverine and the military scientists discovered the claws existed only after the grafting.

  • awd

    No rail gun from Eraser?

  • Madison

    I left the Death Star off intentionally. Sure, it’s bad ass, but I didn’t want to have more than one weapon from the same movie (or series). The Death Star is great, but lightsabers are iconic.

    As far as Wolverine’s claws go, I was using the X-Men movies’ version of his origin and not the comic book origin. I am well aware of his comic book origin. Thanks anyway – I don’t like to mix my mediums.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Ffreyd

    What about the railgun from Eraser? 🙂

  • Fire Imp

    I’m sorry this article is just a plug for the new wolverine movie. A weapon is not a physically characteristic. Which is the category that claws fall under. Can wolverine be disarmed?

    Also this list is just half-assed no really investigation done. Lightsabres twice?? Where is the Brotherhood of the Wolf Bone Sword???? I mean it’s a bone sword/grappling hook/chain thing. Hell give me a supermario brothers deevolution gun, or ZF.1 all-in-one Zorg special from 5th Element. Or the NOISY cricket(phaser please).

    Try harder and don’t be a tool.

  • Madison

    @ awd, Ffreyd

    Yeah, the Railgun should have probably been on this list. Good call, guys. I haven’t seen The Eraser in years.

  • JonPhillips

    No love for Zorg’s ZF-1?

  • Drafter

    what about the weapon in “Fifth Element”??? that thing was badass, it had everything….even a net launcher…..list=fail

  • Qix

    Good list. Wish my favorite made it there. The ZF-1 from Fifth Element.

  • Asherp

    Zorg’s ZF-1 should have at least been considered an honorable mention.

  • lizerman

    What about the gun the bad guy carries in the 5th Element? With rockets and nets and all that stuff?

  • Madison

    @Fire Imp

    A plug for the new Wolverine movie? Really? How in the world would plugging the movie benefit me? Get a friggin clue, dude.

    And lightsabers twice? No, just once. Or did you comment without reading the article?


  • Infinity

    The almighty BFG from Doom. Although it’s not that powerful in the movie.

  • Jason


    The Master of the Flying Guillotine had… a flying guillotine!

    Definately awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madison

    @ JonPhillips, Drafter, Qix, Asherp

    The list isn’t all inclusive (it’s not “Top Ten,” just ten of the baddest), but yeah, I probably should have included the ZF-1. Thanks for pointing that out, and thanks for reading.

  • Atarijedi

    What about the sonic shotguns from Minority Report!

  • Madison

    @ Atarijedi

    I actually thought about the sonic shotguns, but they just stun a target, right? The sonic blast does look pretty sweet, though.

  • Rich

    How could you not include the weapon from The Fifth Element that J.E.B. Zorg sells to the Mangalors? Flame thrower/ Frost blast/ Poison darts/ missiles/ homing machine gun/ net gun/ self destruct… simply unbeatable 😀

  • awesome weapons 🙂

  • Rich

    In the time it took me to read this article and post about the ZF-1, 4 other people already beat me to it. Sry for the redundancy 🙂

  • Stu

    Luther’s heat seeking bullet gun from Runaway, the Tom Selleck movie, is one of the coolest pistols ever.

    You should have nixed Blaine’s minigun, because, although cool, we’ve seen it in other movies like T2.

    I would have gone with the Predator shoulder cannon as well, that shit is way cooler than the boomerang….and hellboy’s big baby for that matter…the list could have been better, now that I think about it.

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  • There are a few other cool weapons that should be on “some” list for wickedness.

    Guided bullets from various movies are always good 🙂

    Hey that multi stage long range rocket bullet from this years wanted was pretty bad ass too.

    ALSO one of THE most bad ass weapons.

    the “laser rings” from Johnny Neumonic. Thats just wicked badass the way those work 🙂

  • Goldpenguin

    I think Jane Cobb’s Callahan Fullbore Autolock “Vera” from Firefly/Serenity should have made the cut. sure, it’s not as powerful as the death star….

  • BenEnglish

    I thought the Cobra Assault Cannon was just a dressed-up Barrett, an early version of this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrett_M82

  • You put to weapons from the Preditor series…?

    I think the blasters from Alien are better.

    Good list though.

    I can’t believe that Stu remembered that heat seeking bullet gun, man, thats an old movie.

  • What about the lawgiver from Judge Dredd?

    There are some good ones, but there are some in here that shouldn’t be there.

  • x34460

    marines assault rifle from Aliens

  • niio

    The best weapon is the one you only have to fire once. That’s how dad did it, that’s how America does it… for your consideration, the Jericho.

  • DNA

    What about Iron Man’s suit or that crazy floating ball death in Phantasm?

  • Madison

    @ Stu

    Wow, I thought I was one of the few who saw Runaway. Great call.

    @ Scott

    Hmmm, it seems I did. Whoops. I’m a huge, huge Predator fan. At least it wasn’t two Predator-specific weapons, I guess.

    @ BenEnglish

    1. Yeah, as a prop. But as a weapon in the movie, it’s way more than an upgraded Barrett.

    2. Isn’t Ben English a porn star? If not – sorry!

  • BrianGM

    Give me a ‘Phased-plasma rifle in the forty watt range’ and then we’ll see!

  • Nathan

    Obviously, you forgot about the “Cricket” from Men in Black

  • Jeff Kinsley

    Just thought I’d let you know that the “updated” version of the Cobra Gun is for sale! (Minus the Made-For-The-Movie Optical Sight)


  • Ali

    Scarface Tony Montana’s gun at the final scene?

  • dan.lee

    hahahaha the cobra assault canon. forgot about that! “gun that you really only need to fire once” thats awesome.

  • digginestdogg

    What about the BFG from Doom? Clearly more badass than a close-range light saber. You are clearly an amateur at weapons rating.

  • Madison

    @ digginestdogg

    Clearly. Hopefully someday, with the right schooling and hard work, I can be a professional weapons rater like you.

    Thanks for reading.

  • anonymous

    No cricket from men in black?

  • That’s fantasic! I love hell boy!

    You know I can’t smile without you~~

  • ShawnMcN

    Wolverine *can* be disarmed. Not via conventional means, but:

    – Magneto can rip out or push in as necessary…
    – I’m not sure how ACTUALLY magnetic adamantium is, but a standard magnet could have some effect
    – Anything that can affect adamantium (which I know is very FEW things, but still) could affect it…

  • Witt Sullivan

    Yeah, the Cobra Assault Cannon in RoboCop was a dressed up Barrett, it even had a Cobra laser sight built on to it. That was the big bulky square thing on top. Laser sights used to be huge and expensive 20-odd years ago..they now make a barrel kit so a sniper can carry an extra 25mm barrel to swap out the “wimpy” .50 BMG barrel. One of the options for the 25mm is High Explosive shells to extend it’s range. .50 bullets lose their kinetic energy, the HE shells give them a bit more punch, making the Cobra AC a reality..(http://gizmodo.com/archives/barrets-xm109-nohassle-25mm-sniper-rifle-019817.php)

    The Big Baby didn’t exactly fire missiles, it shot really slow, really heavy explosive shells. In fact, if you look closely, you can see 4 Gauge written on the headstamp on the rear of the shells when he’s loading her up..4 Gauge (aka 4-Bore) guns exist. They shoot a 2000 grain bullet (that’s a bit more than twice the weight of the typical 600-800 grain .50 BMG bullet). The bullet’s going about 1500 feet per second..So far they only have single and double barrel rifles that look like huge shotguns(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7lhTqWOS5Y), but a German company made a .600 Nitro Express revolver for the heck of it..(1500 grains, 2000 fps from a double rifle). Thompson center makes a .60 Nitro barrel for it’s single barrel Encore Pistol, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, the recoil will rip it from your hands. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yzI0AIpUUA)Give them time, there will be an X-Bore handgun..but you would have to be a part-demon to shoot it.

    I read an article in a gun magazine that showed some rednecks shooting a 5.56 minigun from the hip, but they were some really big guys and they didn’t have a backpack rig like the movie gun. They also used a rheostat to slowly ramp up the firing rate. Ole Painless was portrayed to fire 7.62, but it was really shooting 5.56 blanks, but the barrels were bored out to look like 7.62. It’s also the same exact minigun they used in The Matrix when Neo was rescuing Morpheus, they just installed the proper 7.62 barrels back on it. It’s extremely dangerous to try to shoot a gun like that from the hip, the torque from the barrels spinning want to move you around in circles. A pre-teen girl was killed at the Knob Creek machine gun shoot in KY when the minigun she was shooting came loose from it’s mount and fell on her.

  • Witt Sullivan

    One more jot…DARPA just approved research for a radio guided .50 BMG bullet to negate the effects of gravity, wind, and whatever else. It works just like a TOW missile, the sniper watches the target through his scope as the bullet heads that way. A ballistic computer in the scope figures out the windage and gravity and stuff so it steers on to target. Give them another ten years and they’ll be fire and forget like the bullets on Runaway.

  • quato

    The crotch gun sounds cool in theory but imagine putting say a 45 against your balls and firing it. 1 shot would put you and your foe down for the count.

  • mellomutt

    i’m not trying to correct or disparage the list. it’s a good one. but i thought i’d offer these from Dune:

    The gom jabbar: the poison-tipped needle used by the Bene Gesserit.

    The hunter-seeker: “no more than five centimeters long…a common assassination weapon that every child of royal blood learned about at an early age. It was a ravening sliver of metal guided by some near-by hand and eye. It could burrow into moving flesh and chew its way up nerve channels to the nearest vital organ.”

    Since they both appeared in the movie(s), they qualify as contenders.

    And kudos to the commenters: The heat-signature tracking bullet from Runaway. I’d forgotten how awesome I thought that was at the time. And of course the Fifth Element gun.

    I don’t know if it falls into the category of weapon, but the bomb collars from Running Man. Also, the lightning-bolt-generating suit worn by Dynamo.

  • Con1

    How could you have left The Sentinel Sphere from Phantasm out of the list. Its a weapon and insanely Lethal.

  • TheFrog

    to: Chris Taylor
    the johny mnemonic ones are not laser rings, its monomolecular fiber they use. its cuts through almost everything. as the fiber is constructed only with one molecule chain bound together.

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  • Mad

    How could you have left The Sentinel Sphere from Phantasm out of the list. Its a weapon and insanely Lethal…

  • What about Iron Man’s suit or that crazy floating ball death in Phantasm???

  • luciofulci

    what about the gun from fifth element, or sphere from phantasm, or the boomstick? heck the quadruple barrel shotgun in phantasm ii should be on there as well.

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  • I think Jane Cobb’s Callahan Fullbore Autolock “Vera” from Firefly/Serenity should have made the cut. sure, it’s not as powerful as the death star……

  • How could you have left The Sentinel Sphere from Phantasm out of the list. Its a weapon and insanely Lethal..

  • Neo

    Not a bad list, but the one I would have liked to have seen was the fully automatic pneumatic powered crossbow from Van Helsing. That weapon is absitively posilutely an essential if you need to skewer hoards of vampires in one go. I’m sure it would be fairly effective on other soft tissued organisms as well.


    Overall, a very entertaining read!

  • NHDragon

    great list as well as additions. I have an addition. Ra’s hand brain fryer from Stargate. Those staves the ”gods” had were cool too. No not the series, the original movie with Kurt Russell.

  • Scanain

    What about

    – Rocket / Flame / Mini Gun suitcases from El Mariachi Series

    – Small adjustable hand held crossbow from Punisher Warzone

    – Shoe with knife from James Bond (Russia with love?)

    – Doc Ocs metal control arms from spidey 2

    – Front of Space Ship in Flash Gordon

    – Drool in ‘The Fly’

    – The UV Batleth in Blade Trinity

    – The mini nuke Launcher in Starship Troopers

    – Hemishe’s Massive f’ing axe in Braveheart (and how he uses it to end conversations :))

    – Chainsawarm – Bruce Campbell – Nuff Said.

  • Waterworld, I know super woofer, but, in the middle of this disaster, we see a barge that has to be pulled by 6 skidoos and has about a hundred 50 cal machine guns all pointing in the same direction. Worth wading through the rest of the tepid water…

  • The triple sword from The Sword and the Sorcerer kicks A$$. There is also the leg gun from Planet Terror

  • Ryan

    I like to pretend the bone claws never happened…
    *covers ears and hums*

  • Look like you could make a 100 fictional weapons list with all the comment you got. I would add from Dune the Crysknife. From Star Trek First Contact the assimilation tubes that The Borg use. The knife Glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street. The Shakram from Xena. Frodo Sting and Gandalf Glamdring swords from LOTR. The Bride Hanzo sword from kill bill. Metal Gear Rex and Foxdie from Metal Gear Solid….. Now that a list!

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  • Padidas

    Dude, Pinchot’s state-of-the-art machine gun comes with CD player, TV and microwave combination. Now that’s bad ass.

  • Padidas

    from Beverly Hills Cop III that is.

  • meathead

    I don’t understand the comment about Vera from Firefly. It’s just a sniper rifle. It’s probably a bit stickier than most but that’s it.

  • David Duarte

    what about the metal sphere from the Phantasm movies?

  • heisdeadjim

    Gotta mention Ramirez’ then Macleod’s Samurai katana from “Highlander”.

    According to Highlander canon 🙂 the “sword is a katana he (Ramirez) received in Japan in 593 B.C., made by his (then) father-in-law Masamune. Masamune, a genius far ahead of his time in the forging of swords, was the father of Princess Shakiko, Ramírez’s third wife.”


    According to the movie, Ramirez’ sword wasn’t supposed to exist as it was made using methods yet to be used at the time.

    Technically, then, it’s a fictional sword 🙂

  • Syntax

    Wolverine’s claws in the movie were never confirmed nor denied to have been there since birth. Trying to save face by saying you knew about the comic but you were talking about the movie doesn’t make sense if they never mentioned if he was born with them or not. The simple fact that the movie universe is being expanded with Origins is going to probrably include the fact that he already had them…..

    ANYWAYS, Eraser’s Railguns for sure.

    The Pulse Rifle from aliens would’ve been nice to see.

    The Mini-Nukes from StarShip Troopers.

    Definitely agree with the gun from 5th Element

    The Sniper rifles from Wanted (super long range)

  • addie

    what about the cock rocket?!? come on……come on!!!!

  • Grr

    The Glaive? THE GLAIVE? That’s one of the worst concepts for a weapon EVER! Throwing it without getting yourself cut would be challenging enough, but grabbing it on its way back without having fingers chopped off would be impossible!
    Update the list with the ZF.1 all-in-one Zorg thing in the glaive’s place, please. Homing machine gun? Being able to shoot your enemies from behind a frigging wall? Now THAT’S a weapon.

  • Carol

    The Star Trek phasers had more settings than that, including dematerialize, heat and disrupt.
    The Star Trek phaser rifle!!
    The Klingon sonic disruptors!!
    The Space:1999 laser guns!!
    Lara Crofts handguns!!
    The Web-Shooters from Spiderman!!
    Iron Mans repulsor rays, and his whole armor!!
    Nick Furys needle gun and plasma blaster!! Super badass!!!!
    The weapons in Aliens!!
    The flame throwers in The Thing!! Badass and way off-market!!!!
    Every Batman movie weapon EVER!!!!
    Every James Bond movie weapon ever made!!!!
    The sonic cannons in The Hulk!!!! WOW!!!!
    The Sentinel Sphere from Phantasm!!!!
    The vortex spheres in The Arrival!!!! I SOOOOOOO want one, or more!!!!!!!!
    The Golden Gun from The Man With The Golden Gun!!!! I SOOO want one!!!!
    Rose McGowan with Her Machine Gun Leg in Grindhouse!!!! BadASSSS!!!!
    The Flying Guillotine in The Master Of The Flying Guillotine!!!!
    The Hitori Hanzo Swords in Kill Bill Volumes One and Two!!!! Sincerely PURELY BADASS!!!!!!!!
    Bruce Lees nunchakus in any movie!!!! Other-worldly!!!! Say no more!!!!
    Steven Seagals cue ball rolled up in a handkerchief in Out For Justice!!!! OW!!!!
    Daredevils Billy Clubs!!!! Say NO MORE!!!!
    Rambos knifes, bows and arrows and everything else!!!!
    Crocodile Dundees knife!!!!
    Indiana Jones Oversized Machetti!!!!
    Billys Knife in Predator!!!! Now THAT’S A KNIFE!!!!
    John Cusacks and everyones AWESOME weapons in Grosse Pointe Blank and War Inc.!!!!
    The blasters from Forbidden Planet!!!!
    The Martian War Machines in The War Of The Worlds, George Pals version and Tom Hanks version!!!!
    The Death Star in Star Wars and ATAT Walkers in The Empire Strikes Back!!!!
    All the weapons in Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Battlestar:Galactica!!!!
    The pistol and the ball from the original Rollerball!!!! BadASSSSSS!!!!
    The guns from Alien Nation!!!!
    All the weapons in Men In Black and Men In Black 2!!!!
    All the weapons in Secret Agent Cody Banks and Secret Agent Cody Banks 2!!!!
    The grenade launchers from Terminator 2:Judgement Day and Darkman!!!! Totally off-market!!!!
    All the guns and other weapons in Wanted and Hitman!!!! COMPLETELY BADASS!!!!
    The cigar cutter from Darkman!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!! 😯
    And many, many, many, many moooooooore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

  • Spockman

    Qoute= “for the very simple reason that whips are chainsaws”

    I highly disagree.

  • John

    you have clearly missed out the most devestating weapon created, and capable of destroying everything in an instant.

    my genetalia

  • Madison

    @ John

    Cute, but did you see the title of this article? Is your genitalia fictional? Hmmmm….

  • Lee451

    The Phasers used in Star Trek (from TOS on) did not have just “two settings”. The orginal models (from TOS, not the Original Pilot) had dial calibration and settings the went from light stun to heavy stun to kill to vaporize. They could also be used to thermally irradiate objects (such as rocks) so those objects could be used as a heat source. The phasers used on TNG, DS9 and Voyager had push-button calibration with a similar range of power.

    /Trekker since 1968

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  • Dr. Hotensecksy

    I actually have a friend with a replica Glaive it is an atrocious weapon and the only appeal is that it looks cool, and my other complaint is that you left the Orgazmorater off the list, how is that not the most badass fictional weapon in history not only does it debilitate you’re enemies but it also relieves wrist pain

  • killface

    Even though it’s not from any silly movies, you should not have left off my Anhilatrix!

  • guydude

    how bout the x-ray railgun from eraser

  • Meg

    I gotta say, I’ve become addicted to this site. I’ve read through tons of old lists and have been in movie geek heaven. Only thing I can add to this list, is the spheres from Phantasm. Those things were awesome. And that movie scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

  • Madison

    @ Meg

    I’m glad you have been enjoying the site. And yeah, the Phantasm spheres are pretty nasty; there’s really no escaping them. Nice call.

    Thanks for reading.

  • R

    will everyone stop going on about the fucking gun from the fifth element, yes it’s badass but i think we’ve established it should have been included, stop whining everyone

  • R

    oh and by the way carol, get a life please, we”re all movie fans but that’s just sad

  • Cranbo

    teh “noisy cricket” from M.I.B.

  • Madison

    @ Cranbo

    Pretty much the entire MIB arsenal would work, but yeah, the Noisy Cricket is the most memorable. Nice call.

  • Ron

    Tissue Compression Eliminator

    The Master’s weapon of choice, it shrinks people to doll size, killing them in the process. He no longer used it by the time of Survival. The weapon was also used by the Doctor to shrink the alien mechanoid Death’s Head in his Marvel Comics adventures. This was parodied in the Radio 4 comedy series Nebulous, in which the arch-enemy of Professor Nebulous, Doctor Klench, miniaturises his foes, but unlike the Master’s victims, they are not dead and Klench carries them around with him.


  • Sven

    Actually, isn’t O’l Painless a XM214 Microgun, which is a man portable variant of the Gau 2/A i believe, it was never mass produced though.

  • Sven

    And where’s Doom’s BFG?

    Anyway, here’s the database for guns in movies if that is your cup of tea : http://www.imfdb.org/index.php/Category:Movie

  • Madison

    @ Sven

    I’m not sure exactly what Ol Painless is, but it’s got a lot of mods and doesn’t exist in that state in real life.

    And thanks for that database…would have made this article much easier to do had I known about it!

    Thanks for reading.

  • GuyB

    What? No Sawblade YoYo from Octopussy?!?!

  • Dreadknight

    How about Violet’s transdimensional zero-point energy bullets that she loads out of her sleeve into her pistols in the movie Ultraviolet. They are probably just typical futuristic electric-ignition cartridges, but they are stored transdimmensionally to relieve space and weight restrictions from the carrier.

  • Madison

    @ Dreadknight

    You know what I thought was cooler, and it’s from the same movie? Her “gravity belt,” which shifts the direction that gravity pulls. Although, I guess that’s more of a device than a weapon…

  • Indy

    In case no one has mentioned, the Minigun is a real gun, thus it should not be on the list.

  • yuravj singh

    how bout men it black weapons

  • Fred Sanford

    You forgot one of the most delicate, most powerful yet also the most in-accurate weapons in movie history. The sleek and sexy flame pistol that the Sandmen carry to terminate Runners in Logan’s Run. Bowdown.

  • all the wepons from skynet in terminator 4 salvation

    with skynet in charge there is none

  • Madison

    @ will

    I wrote this list before that movie came out, but I don’t know that I’d include anything from it anyway. I am still trying to forget it ever happened.

  • Mykal

    I don t think anyone here has ever actually seen somone hit with a Barrett 50 cal rifle Smokin aces and miami vice dont count though they come pretty close

  • dave

    I can beat them all.
    How about the 20 mile square machine from Forbidden Planet?
    Is was not real and it was a weapon in every sense in that it was used by the unhealthy brain of a human.
    Therefore it was solely used as a weapon. The most powerful in all scifi.
    It would blow away any bad guy from any genere you care to think about.
    Nothing was as powerful, NOTHING! Hands down the BADEST.
    Cannot be controled, that makes it even badder!
    Beat that one, I dare you to try!

  • boink

    Where is my post bitch!

  • Madison

    @ dave

    Your suggestion would have been fine without the proof. Thanks for reading.

    @ boink

    Uh, right there?

  • Instead, I added my name to the list that’s my way of putting that energy into the universe. ,

  • Tim

    The guitar cases from Desperado and OUATIM definately would be a good add. Rockets? Machine Guns? Flame-Throwers? I’m in!

    Also have to add that some have mentioned.
    – Chainsaw Arm
    – Freddy Krueger’s Glove
    – Optimus Prime’s Sword arm
    – Jericho missle from Ironman movie
    – Capt America’s Shield and Thor’s hammer could probably be added once the movies come out (provided they don’t blow)

    Can we add Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver to the LEAST devastating and impressive list? Not sure if we can consider that from a movie.

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  • Slaign

    You know, I don’t mind when people are ignorant to the fact Wolverine’s claws are his mutation, not implanted… But it annoys me when someone tries to cover up their ignorance rather than own up to it.

    The claw issue was never covered in the movies that were out before Origins, so your claim you were going on the movies is foolish. Even if he did say something about them being implanted, if you truly knew the story you would know that he would be just saying that because he doesn’t have any memory of his origins.

    Now, Origins is out and he uses his bone claws as a kid, further making you look like an idiot. All this could have been avoided by just saying, “Oops, your right.” and fixing your error.

    And don’t try to say that you really thought the movie was going to make his claws implants either, because if you did, that makes you an even bigger idiot. You shouldn’t assume the movie changes from the source material when it hasn’t been addressed yet.

    So either you were ignorant, or you were an idiot. Personally, I think there is little shame in being ignorant, especially of comic book lore, but there is much shame in trying to deny your ignorance rather than learn from it. Being an idiot however, there’s no hiding from that shame.

  • Madison

    @ Slaign

    I don’t really give a shit one way or the other. There’s a lot of Wolverine backstory and retconning, but either way, his claws are bad ass. Implants or not, they make the list.

    I’m not really “shamed” for not knowing about Wolverine’s claws to the extent that you do. The fact that people get worked up over this – especially since there has been retconning involved – is laughable.

    And spare me the lecture on idiocy until you can correctly distinguish between “your” and “you’re.” Jesus.

    Thanks for reading.

  • clemoda

    glaive is a real weapon – I have one at home (although it is only 3-pointed) but it is still badass – on that note tho – the daggers from “house of flying daggers” were awesome and Xena warrior princess’s chakra (or whatever it was called) also an awesome blade

  • Madison

    @ clemoda

    Yeah, but I am going to assume that your glaive doesn’t come back to you after you throw it.

    Good call on Xena’s blade, though.

  • Jes

    umm you have all forgotten terminator 2 – having your own personal terminator or one that can melt into ‘knives and stabbing weapons’

    and its not a movie but Quake 2 – i still remember how impressed i was with my first shot from the bfg and it cleared the room. rocket jumps off the bfg blast were cool too.

    good call on kill bill and highlander

  • Necratog

    Sorry but I have to agree with the guys saying it’s pretty dumb not knowing Wolverine’s bones are a part of his mutation if you put it in a top … list. Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think it’s dumb if you don’t know it. It’s just a bit dumb you didn’t google(or IMDB or something) it. Besides the mutation isn’t a weapon (you could however see the adamantium as a weapon, although any person without Wolverine’s or Sabretooth’s healing power couldn’t survive the implant ). If you really want to know more about the ademantium stuff I’recommend you to read the Wolverine comics surrounding issue 100 (Magneto strips Wolverine from his ademantium)

    And I deffinately have to agree on Terminator ,although I’d rather have one looking like Cameron from Terminator:T.S.C.C. And keeping it in that way of thinking, wouldn’t Bumblebee be a nice weapon/car/chick-magnet.

  • Madison

    Look, the movies are separate from the comics. There’s no indication in the X-Men movies, before the Wolverine movie, that his claws were at one point bone.

    I’ve read when Magneto strips Wolvie of his adamantium, and I’ve read all the old Barry Windsor Smith Weapon X comics, too. They’re bad ass. And in the Weapon X ones (from Marvel Comics Presents), the claws are clearly implants. The X-Men movies borrowed from the Weapon X story, so it follows that in the X-Men movies, they were implants as well.

    The fact remains that regardless of the retconning in the comics, and the fact that this list was made before the Wolverine movie (I even note that I am referring to Wolvie in the X-Men movies), there’s no reason to think that Wolverine had bone claws based on the 3 X-Men movies.

    But for some reason, people like to throw tantrums about it.

    This is the last time I respond to this issue. If people can’t follow what I’m saying, that’s not my problem. I’ve been clear. I simply do not care enough about where Wolverine’s claws came from to continue.

  • Gudster

    Man in Black a fucking load of cool weapons.
    And Blaid, common.
    You r not duin it right.

  • Haystacks

    No Hatori Hanzo sword? No chakram?


  • Rawbee Rawb

    Great list. It is a top ten list so everyone that discounts the list can make their own to blog.. I will read them as well.
    I do have to say though, the list is Bad Ass Weapons. That would lead me to think only a bad ass can wield and use the weapon.

    No wimp wuss @Slaign could wield the weapon and benefit from it.

    This makes the mini gun plausible, since Blain was a bad ass, and as for it showing up twice, lets just go with Terminator’s version then we make everyone happy… BTW the terminator is a bad ass also and can only wield the weapon.

    I am not so sure about phasers, any wuss can use them. Light Sabers are great, because anyone that is a Jedi or Sith is a bad ass.

    I would like to insert the Mop from the Toxic Avenger, just because I think its funny and a pic from that movie would be great.

    So how about some more of the weapon lists, like top 10 sexy weapons, where the twin pistols of Laura Croft are sexy in every way.

    Great stuff, but come on… DEC 15 2008 all of these replies and no other posts.. SHAME SHAME SHAME… 🙂 jkng….

  • Dorrk

    Interesting concept for a list, but it seems like the perspective is too narrowly focused on sci-fi.

    Few of these weapons were involved in killing more people than the Baby Cart from Hades, from the Lone Wolf and Cub movies.

  • Dave-inator

    GREAT IDEA FOR A LIST!! Thanks for the creation. Hey, is the actual TERMINATOR not a weapon?

  • Madison

    @ Dave-inator

    The Terminator IS a weapon, actually…could have just put that on the list.

    Thanks for reading.

  • LSjam

    How about the Sick Stick from Minority Report? Or the Sonic Cannons in The Hulk?

  • seeinidawg

    Oh my god, Wolverine’s claws are bone and….I’m just kidding. I just sit here and imagine the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons’ voice. It is hilarious. I get a lot of joy from reading what you losers decide are legitimate points of debate. Oh and that one with all the exclamation points…classic virgin. Ahhh you guys seriously get me through my work day better than anything else. No wait I can’t believe no one commented about the gun encyclopedia, let me scroll and get his name……Will Sullivan. Hahahahaha. Who the eff cares? Anyway, always like your posts Madison. You and Paul constantly entertain me. That other guy, nattyb, must be 13 or something, because his posts seem like what an 8th grader would right in his journal and his grammar is atrocious. Finally, to end this tirade on the tighty whity wearers, I have to say that the gun from Eraser was the first gun that crossed my mind when I saw the title of this article and I haven’t seen that movie in 10 years. No shame though, you brought some good ones to light.

  • nabassu

    “Cobra Assault Cannon – Robocop”
    it’s just barret sniper rifle with some silly thing on top

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  • matchstick

    Go Go! everyone who remembered those guided bullets from Runaway!
    If you like Sci-Fi, and you haven’t seen this movie, you owe it to yourself to rent it. I love the hero and the villain in this, and the premise, which is a little dated, but actually a world that we are very close to living in right now.

    I’ll add another “weapon” which is not badass but AWFUL-ass, which is the evil bug that Khan put in Chekov and Paul Winfield’s ears! OK, it wasn’t a deadly weapon, but it turned your enemies into your thralls, and was totally disgusting. I say BADASS!

  • matchstick

    Oh, and the flip-up wrist guns in DESPERADO, everybody wants those! In fact if you look on YouTube, some people have actually made them!

    …Avoid these people..

  • Kyle

    You didn’t have the guns from fifth element! Those are the best!

  • Michael

    What happened to the Deathstar?

  • Good list, I would have had (Bruce Campbell) Ash William’s Chainsaw Arm! Everybody else has mentioned all of my other suggestions, such as 5th Element gun ZF1, Hitori Hazo sword from Kill Bill, The Terminator itself, Rail Guns… etc…

    New items for discussion:

    Syndrome’s zero point energy beam gloves from The Incredibles. The mythical animated shotgun, which is always double barrelled but always pump action.
    Gandalf’s staff.
    Blade’s Sword (good luck actually engineering a clock mech to slice a mans hand off inside the handle of a real sword!)
    The Green Goblin’s Death Glider!

    You’re entires are great, especially loving the Big Baby, would love to be able to handle a beast like that! Plenty of upper body workouts first!

  • Chris

    Baddest weapon in any movie ever was the sword/whip in Brotherhood of the Wolf…it was made of hollowed, sharpened elephant tusk links with a chain that allowed the sword to loosen into a whip and also retract back into a sword….throw it at the top of the list!!! you can see it on 2:38 of this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mJt2L2tuF8

  • yssy

    Wolverine rates higher than a lightsaber?

    You’re clearly a faggot.

  • Madison

    @ yssy

    And you clearly didn’t read the article, which states plain as day that the weapons are presented in no particular order. Amazing.

  • dizzyizzy

    What about the noisy cricket from men in black? massive firepower that can even fit in that useless little change pocket in my jeans.

  • Thunderpunk

    Do you ever wish you’d never written an article in the first place once the nerds start correcting you, Madison?

  • Madison

    @ Thunderpunk

    Nah, I appreciate the comments that actually remind me of something that I may have left off. It’s when I read the same correction 5000 times that it starts to get a bit annoying.

  • bruce



  • phil


  • THE FIFTH ELEMENT. This article is fail.

  • micmighty

    i was kinda partial to the EM-1 Railgun in Eraser…X ray niceness!!!

  • Superfluous

    What about “the ball” from the Phantasm movies? That thing totally was ripped off by a few movies, none did it better though.

  • Jables420

    The “Cobra Assault Cannon” looks suspiciously like the Barret M82A1 .50 Cal…

  • phantasm. the corkscrew drill / blood sucking flying ball

  • Hank Fox

    In the movie Johnny Mnemonic, one of the bad guys had a thumb that came off and revealed a superheated filament something like a whip that could slice through anything. That thing was so scary I couldn’t even imagine USING it, much less having it used on me.

    It was an improvised weapon, and pretty much defensive only, but the power suit that Ripley used against the Alien Queen “Get away from her, you bitch!” — that was pretty darned cool.

    How about Gort and his eye beams in the original The Day the Earth Stood Still?

  • Tim Martin

    I have to say! I’m Hurt! Not an over popular series, but what about Janes gun ‘Vera’ (The Callahan Fullbore Autolock) from Firefly? Boy… What a Badass gun it is…

  • Jonny

    Altho not strictly sci-fi weapon its still fictional, how about the Annihilator 2000 from Beverly hills cop 3?

    I mean c’mon a gun that is also a cellphone, fax and microwave oven. Night-vision goggles, microprocessor, verbal alarm system, compact disc player, digital AM/FM radio, video camera and TV has gotta get into the top 10!

    Other than that, awesome list

    My 2 cents. Regards.

  • Yendor

    Kroenen’s tonfa swords (from Hellboy) is an unpardonable omission from this article!!! so for me this is a FAIL!!!

  • Joniah

    really? the noisy cricket from Men in Black didnt make it?

  • Madison

    @ Joniah

    A glaring omission on my part.

  • Sinfrax

    The Tantalus field from Star Trek, lets you monitor people then make them disappear with the touch of a button. Pretty useful.

  • Oh you [insert expletive],
    How could you possibly forget [insert weapon I just randomly looked up on Google just to sound smart and/or like a total douchebag]! This list is [insert another expletive, possible misspelled]! And how could you think that [insert weapon from list] is even [insert adjective to describe weapon]? You [insert expletive referring to uselessness of writer]!
    This list is ultimate [insert totally overused buzz-word of the day like FAIL to make you sound cool and/or like a douchebag]!

    PS- I write stuff like this for a living at Gunaxin.com. I now exactly how you feel. Keep up the good work and have fun with it. You are never, ever going to please everyone.


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  • smitty046
  • JC

    I love the list. My own personal favorite would be the Identity Disks from Tron. Ok, it was a pansy weapon, but as a kid it was right up there for me with the lightsaber.

    I even painted a frisbee to look like one. As far as fictional weapons go, I loved it.

    The Glave was awesome, too. If you have to reach into molton lava to get one, you know it is pretty sweet.

  • WHAT

    what about gogo’s chain and ball from kill bill?!

  • Chris


    Later General Electric developed it into a man-portable weapon system, known as the GE Six-Pak.

    I give you: Ol’ Painless

  • ae

    a terminator

  • ae

    Thors hammer.hello!lightning

  • the deathstar isn’t badass, it’s a failure, it’d be like if the us army built a tank, with a open spot in the armor leading right to the ammo supply

  • bittner19

    Wasn’t there a Bond Movie (octopussy possibly?) where one of the henchmen had a blade on a rectrable string attached to a bracelet? Sort of like Rygar (old NES game). She’s throw it out, somehow spinning it, miss bond, then it would retract back for the next attack.

  • Chris

    why in the world dose no one ever remember the weapon that Dar throws around on the Beastmaster? That was a bad ass weapon I want one.

  • Spaz

    How about the sharp boomerang from Road Warrior?

  • captain dammit

    how bout ,,everybody just letting this post die for christ sakes!! its old. been getting emails for this bitch for like 2 years now

  • Midnite

    i have one that beats all and on top the weapon IS the movie…..The Cube….each room ;D

  • dingo

    ok well i know that this is a pretty old post and probably no-one will read it … and i didnt read all of the comments … but i have one major addition … the green lantern ring

  • gscavezze

    Cricket – “Men in Black”
    3 Bladed sword from the crappy but classic 80’s T and A movie, “The Sword and the Sorcerer”. The two side swords are springloaded and shoot. A smaller sword pulls out of the main large sword. SWEET!!!

  • MayorMcCheese

    what about the flying guillotine?

  • Awesome X

    Amazing list, totally would have added Judge Dredd’s lawgiver pistol which would definitely given the 5th element ZF1 a run for it’s money. I see all these people writing about kill bill swords and crap and while yes they’re fictional, it doesn’t seem to fully fall under fictional. I mean people can go out and buy swords meant for cutting people in half still. Oh, I forgot what movie, but there was a knife that flew and it could bite also. Thought that was pretty sweet.

  • Pressure

    Nice list 🙂
    What about Dirty Harry’s 44 Magnum?

    • Madison

      Thanks. I tried to avoid using weapons that could conceivably be real, like Dirty Harry’s gun or Indy’s whip, and focused more on the truly, well, absurd.

  • Christian

    this is the coolest baddess movie weapon of all time . and apparently it’s real (the use is not as in the movie tho) .

  • Vahid

    what was the name of that gun in “eraser”? that was a bad ass gun too!!

  • Wolf

    Good list, but the ZF-1 From fifth element deserves a mention

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  • Finlay Mahoney

    “I’m gon get me big baby”!!!

  • …and the silver spheres in Phantasm!

  • you should check out the device from master of flying guillotine, now that’s bad

  • Mravac Kid

    Considering that the Cobra Assault Canon looks very much like a Barrett anti-materiel rifle, I suggest going with Beanflick’s suggestion and replacing it with the gun from Aliens. 🙂

  • Man, looks like the action’s hot tonight!

    Here’s a couple you might have missed:

    1) Megatron’s Wrist Cannon (from THE TRANSFORMERS)–The baddest blaster on either side. In the animated series, however, they stripped Megs of his weapon due to pressure from anti-violence groups (he originally transformed into a Walther P-38 self-loading pistol, and the cannon became the telescopic sight of said weapon).

    2) The Schwartz (from SPACEBALLS)–When combined with a ring, it’s produces a weapon similar to the light-saber from STAR WARS.

    And about “The Glaive”

    1) In real life, a “glaive” is a pole-arm, which encompasses a long-and-heavy, single-edged knife blade mounted on a staff. That puppy is equally useful for lopping off limbs, or a thrust into an opponent’s guts

    2) The Krull Glaive was also featured in an Easter-time SOUTH PARK episode. Jesus used it to off the villainous preacher (who was about to boil the “Easter Rabbit”) who took over The Vatican.


  • donsuc

    Hi.Nice list and ofcourse u cant put all of the great(devostating)weapons in a 10 items list + title sais “10 of the baddedt” not “10 baddest” so guys chill.About wolwarine experts….wow do u all copy -paste ur comments?com on!!!Wolv IS the weapon , hes the all-pack ,claws,regen and he WAS MADE a weapon not born(fact)!!!
    Any way,how bout Matrix defencive robots of the city Zion prety “real” bad ass weapons:D?!Or Ruyi Jingu Bang(staff of the Monkey King) ,Silver Surfer surf-board,The element that can destroy planets from Star Trek(J.J Abrams)The last matches form the 5th element 😀 that trigered the defence of earth ….etc

  • BobSmith

    “Old Painless” is a minigun, a real world weapon. They can be hand-held or mounted.

    The “Cobra Assault Weapon” is a .50 cal BMG rifle dressed up, as well, which is also a real world weapon.

  • DracoSolon

    I don’t think anyone mentioned this one yet and I can’t believe it! The marine rifles from Aliens were mentioned but no one has mentioned the Smart Guns that Vasquez and Drake carried. Huge firepower and mounted on self stabilizing gimbals? They make the mini-gun look weak by comparison! “Let’s rock!”

  • One more jot…DARPA just approved research for a radio guided .50 BMG bullet to negate the effects of gravity, wind, and whatever else. It works just like a TOW missile, the sniper watches the target through his scope as the bullet heads that way. A ballistic computer in the scope figures out the windage and gravity and stuff so it steers on to target. Give them another ten years and they’ll be fire and forget like the bullets on Runaway.

  • I don’t think anyone mentioned this one yet and I can’t believe it! The marine rifles from Aliens were mentioned but no one has mentioned the Smart Guns that Vasquez and Drake carried. Huge firepower and mounted on self stabilizing gimbals? They make the mini-gun look weak by comparison! “Let’s rock!”

  • gregor

    errrr your missing the best weapon of all time forged by god him self Mr chuck norris he is a weapon in himself

  • Gunfan999

    I saw this on a forum somewhere…

    “Gravity Inversion Pulse”
    It focuses a fluctuating beam of gravitons and anti-gravitons at the black hole at the center of the galaxy, amplifying the force of it’s gravitational pull and making it fluctuate from it to outward force. This would rip apart the atoms of anything in the core of a galaxy and cause stars to go nova in the rest of the galaxy.

    “Game over, man! Game over!”


    First WMD type weapon post!

  • Saber

    Good list. Lots of repetitive posts. Couple of suggestions for future posts or lists:

    The Guyver Unit (Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor)

    Liono’s Claw Shield and the Sword of Omens

    The Knuckleduster from Dirty Pair (a hydro-pnumaticaly actuated, forarm mounted “brass-knuckles” weapon)

    Oh, and maybe I missed it in one of the posts, but Blade’s Katana. And yes the Sword of Omens and Blade’s Katana are both swords, but the clock-work handle on Blade’s Katana makes it cool.

    Thanks for the list! Was a fun read, (aside from the 50 billion zf-1 and Wolverine’s Claws whiners… 😉 )