Ten Big Movie Reveals in Ten Images

I’ve noticed a trend on the internet recently where no one wants to pay attention anymore. Instantly being able to read an article or watch a video just isn’t enough. Now people want to merely flip through images that their eyes can merely brush past on their way to their next fix of information or laughs.

Well rather than rail against the trend, I’m going to try and embrace it. I’ve gone ahead and saved you the trouble of watching ten different classic movies, which can be a lengthy 2+ hours. Who has that kind of time? Rather, I’ve condensed them down to their essence in picture form.

I tried to make selections that could be summed up in one word. I found that movies with big reveals typically allow this sort of abridged consumption, and so I compiled ten twist-based movies into ten single images for your ADD viewing pleasure.

Spoilers to follow for the movies Fight Club, Empire Strikes Back, Psycho, Vanilla Sky, Usual Suspects, Sixth Sense, The Hangover, Se7en, Oldboy and The Prestige.

  • Morono

    Would you mind putting the list of movies used on top so I can check if I’ve seen them all?

  • Ron


  • MajorTool

    We did a thing on SA forum where we made .gif animated movies from popular movies. They could only be ~15 seconds long… so the idea was to make a cliff note-movie.

  • Jason

    “Tranny” is only -slightly- offensive. I think “crossdresser” would have been better, as he’s technically not transsexual.

  • Fred

    No he isn’t transexual, but he is a transvestite…tranny.

  • ryan bonline

    oldboy should have been “incest” not “molester”

  • banko

    What movie did Ryan Reynolds play a tranny?

  • Xin

    I agree with Ryan. Molestation implies it’s unwanted.

  • Anthony R

    All are good except Bates, a better word would have been “Mother”

  • Lastresort

    I agree with most of them… OldBoy spoiler is not molester… that does not fit it.

    Perhaps the word Incest or Daughter?

  • emignatius

    Where’s rosebud?