10 of the Most Significant Fictional Scientific Research and Tech Companies in Movies


Back in October, Sub-Zero gave you the five most evil corporations on television.  I’m more of a movie guy myself, so I decided to compose a list of fictional scientific research and tech companies found in feature films.  Not all of these companies are evil, but their ambition and hubris often result in great catastrophe.  And I’m not talking about plummeting stock, I’m thinking more along the lines of the end of the human race.  When you mix corporate greed with scientific experimentation, the results are often – but not always – disastrous.  Let’s take a look at 10 of the most significant fictional scientific research and tech companies found in movies, and just what they’ve been responsible for.

International Genetic Bio-Engineering, Incorporated (InGen) 


What movie(s) it’s in: Jurassic Park movies

Type of company: Genetic engineering corporation

Most notable accomplishment: Discovering a technique to extract dinosaur DNA from mosquitoes trapped in amber to create living, cloned dinosaurs.

Umbrella Corporation


What movie(s) it’s in: Resident Evil movies

Type of company: Bioengineering and pharmaceuticals corporation

Most notable accomplishment: Creation of the T- and G-viruses, which in turn led to the creation of Bio-Organic Weapons (BOWs).

Cyberdyne Systems Corporation


What movie(s) it’s in: Terminator movies

Type of company: Technology manufacturing corporation

Most notable accomplishment: The creation of Skynet, the computer system that becomes self-aware and, through the use of terminators, destroys humanity.

Wayne Enterprises


What movie(s) it’s in: Batman movies

Type of company: Wayne Enterprises has its hand in pretty much everything – biomedical, industrial, electronics, and technologies fields just to name a few

Most notable accomplishment: The Tumbler is great, but the microwave emitter has a potentially much greater impact on the world.

Omni Consumer Products (OCP)


What movie(s) it’s in: Robocop movies

Type of company: A megacorporation that produces everything and anything, from small consumer products to military weapons

Most notable accomplishment: The creation of Robocop, a murdered police officer resurrected as a cyborg through technology.



What movie(s) it’s in: Alien movies, Aliens vs. Predator movies

Type of company: Space colonization and research corporation

Most notable accomplishment: The corporation has failed time and again to turn xenomorphs into weapons, so it’s probably the creation of the Bishop android.

Tyrell Corporation


What movie(s) it’s in: Blade Runner

Type of company: Bio-tech corporation

Most notable accomplishment: The creation of human-like replicants, exported to perform dangerous and/or degrading tasks.



What movie(s) it’s in: Office Space

Type of company: Computer programming

Most notable accomplishment: Um, having its office building burned to the ground by a disgruntled employee?



What movie(s) it’s in: Tron

Type of company: Computer technology corporation

Most notable accomplishment: The creation of the computer security program, Tron.

Union Aerospace Corporation


What movie(s) it’s in: Doom

Type of company: Military-industrial research conglomerate

Most notable accomplishment: Genetic experimentation, resulting in mutated humans.  The demons from the video game are way cooler, though.

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  • Ali

    What about TCRI?? They made the ooze that made the Ninja Turtles, come on!

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  • ArtW

    Is it ACME that the Coyote gets all his stuff from? That *Almost* succeeds in getting the Roadrunner? Every time?
    At least they deliver for free.

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  • jay

    U-North’s from michael clayton is also worth mentioning.

  • Bert

    Stark Industries?

  • Madison

    @ Bert

    Definitely…don’t know why I don’t have that included. Good catch.

  • PKO Strany

    Can you have Sony from I, Robot on the AI list, and not include United States Robots and Mechanical Men on the SF corporations list?

  • Madison

    @ PKO Strany

    Well, Sonny was pretty memorable to me. As for USR and MM, I remember them now that you mention them, but they just didn’t stand out the way, say, Skynet did in Terminator.

    Good catch, though.

  • PKO Strany

    The company (USR) had a greater role in the Good Doctor’s stories.

  • Darko

    From the original Marvel Comics’ “Iron Man” i remember a merge so Stark Industries become “Stark-Fujikawa industries”…is it possible or i’m misremembering?
    Darko from Italy

  • Darko

    @Bert From the original Marvel Comics’ “Iron Man” i remember a merge so Stark Industries become “Stark-Fujikawa industries”…is it possible or i’m misremembering?
    Darko from Italy

  • michael

    You are missing the best Yoyodyne

    Only ACME has effected more movies and tv shows