Sunshine’s Biggest Misstep

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I know, I know, two Amazon reviews in one week? Unheard of. But between Diablo reviewing his own game and now this, I just couldn’t pass them up.

Sunshine is often known to have “third act problems.” What was a very cool hard sci-fi film sort of regresses into a creature slasher flick by the end, and it’s an unwelcome change of tone. This, however, is not at all the problem being talked about in the review above. It’s a much more serious issue, and you won’t understand that I’m being sarcastic until you actually read it, so go do that.

“Sunshine” by Michael Bay totally would have had it.

  • Bashman

    Underrated film!!

  • trashcanman

    Very good film. Ridiculous review. God, look at all of those upvotes. I do not understand Amazon anymore. It’s no damn wonder I pretty much stopped reviewing. Pour an hour or two into researching and writing a detailed comprehensive review that’s not too long but still explores the themes, contents, and execution of the film without spoiling it and get 3/7 upvotes and comments that complain you didn’t include a full list of available subtitle languages or exact specs on on the audio/video of the blu-ray edition even though you reviewed the theatrical release and Amazon transfereed it to the blu-ray page Then some dope with a funny message board post gets 1000 “helpfuls”. Screw you, internet.

  • SheriffBart

    Hey trashy. Just be glad it wasn’t Metacritic.
    I REALLY wanted to like this film as I like just about everybody involved with its production. But I just couldn’t do it. It was really well-shot and looked beautiful. The acting was good. But the script was just so damn goofy. By the third act I was WTF is this shit? Some friends who’s opinion I respect really liked it so I said maybe I wasn’t in the right mood/frame of mind during the first viewing so I decided to give it another shot. Nope. Still didn’t like it and for the same reasons.
    Also nobody said “It’s daylight savings time.”

  • Tom

    To the British writer and director and largely British cast it would be known as ‘British Summer Time’

    There, that’s why.

    (That wasn’t very funny. I am sorry.)

  • Mr. Right

    trashcanman were you at home sick the day they were handing out sense of humor?

  • nottheone

    I waited for the line, “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!” to pop up when I first saw Shrek. Then Shrek and Donkey get in that big fight, yelling at each other, and Donkey storms out in a huff, and “OMG here it comes, Shrek’s gonna say it”, and… it’s not there. The line’s not there. I felt cheated, and to this day, I can’t help but see it as a missed opportunity. Ah well, still a fun movie, and at the time it was brilliant, something really different.

  • MarkShek

    clever and hilarious… love it

    full disclosure: i absolutely love Sunshine and am not bothered at all by the 3rd act tonal shift

  • MattChi

    The third act tonal shift bothered me because it seemed out of place, but I still liked the movie a lot.