Suck It, Terrence Howard!


Great local theater advertising I have to say.

But yeah, I really did think Don Cheadle did a much better job than Terrence Howard in Iron Man, Howard just seemed like he was phoning it in, and Cheadle put forth much more effort if you ask me. Maybe it was just because he had a bigger role in this film as he actually got to be War Machine, but I like the character much more in the new film, and I do have to credit Cheadle for that.

Now, will he be sticking around for the next sequel, or will he bail and they’ll be forced to cast Tracy Morgan as Lt. Rhodes?

“YO TONY, this spacesuit is RIDICULOUS!”

  • Madison

    From what I’ve read, Howard is an asshole and a real nightmare to work with. That could be it, too. But who knows.

  • chrystani

    Howard is a dick. Like Iron Man is not about your 5 minutes of character, get off your high horse.

    Can’t stand his ass.

    To busy trying to look cute and not act.

  • LawlessVictory

    Ha! I drove by this the other day but only caught a glimpse. Was wondering why Terrance Howard’s name was on the marquee. Figured it had to be some kind of gag. Nice.

  • Carmen

    I enjoy the fact that Cheadle attempted to make the character his own, then decided to mimic Howard’s take on Rhodes… Apparently, Cheadle is better at acting like Howard than Howard is himself.

  • Orleanas

    Cheadle is just one great actor. I hope he eventually gets Oscar because he can play all types of characters in various genres of film. He seems to take his career seriously–more about acting than about celebrity.

  • Bert

    Kind of a double suck it to Howard here – not only is he not in the movie, but they spelled his name wrong too.

    But yeah, Don Cheadle is a lot like RDJ to me, in that they’re both actors that will cause me to watch a movie just because they’re in it.

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  • Yedi

    Terrance Howard did a better job at playing the character than Don cheadle. Cheadle made the character very boring…why did they replace Terrance Howard???

  • Jocko Botsi

    Howard’s Rhodey had MUCH better chemistry with RDJ’s Stark than Cheadle did.

  • john

    Cheadle as War Machine sucked he can’t even fill up his pants, he is too skinny to play war machine, how hard is to find a big ass muscular black dude??? Terrence was waaaay better

  • Tony

    Just saw Iron Man 2. Howard played a much better Rhodes than Cheadle did.

    For starters, I’m having a hard time understanding why Howard was replaced in the first place after having watched this. Reports on Marvel’s end claimed that they were unhappy with Howard’s performance as Rhodes because it was softer than the animation counterpart. I kind of understood, but then they went and put in Don Cheadle, who not only went soft with the character, but he went even further than that: He got boring. He was so stale in his performance in Rhodes that it took the suit just to give his character some life.

    But, arguably, the biggest disappointment about his take on Rhodes was that he had so little chemistry with Robert Downey JR than Terrence Howard did. And no, it had nothing to do with their differences in the movie; actors can still let it show through (see Franco in Spiderman). If Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) didn’t utter “You just got your best friend back”, you wouldn’t have even known they had that type of relationship.