Strange Thor Casting Rumor of the Day: Natalie Portman?


Well a few days ago it was Josh Hartett as Loki, the Norse god of mischief, and today it’s Natalie Portman, allegedly cast to play Enchantress, presumably the Norse god of hotness.

In the comic Enchantress is Thor’s friend, advisor and lover, but supposedly fools around with Loki, Thor’s brother, as well. So I don’t think anyone is as excited about reading this casting news as Josh Hartnett.

Thor himself is yet to be cast, and I’m interested to read that Charlie Hunnam was in the running along with Alexander Skarsgard. Last time I saw Hunnam he was a scrawny charming British kid on Judd Apatow’s immortal college show, Undeclared. I guess he’s had more than a few years to beef up and grow a few inches, but I’m guess Skarsgard would still eat him alive.

So seriously, who’s next? William Shatner as Odin? This movie can’t get much more bizarrely cast.

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