Storyboards of a Lost Scene from The Dark Knight Rises

Yeah, how about that for an incredibly tall image?

In any case, this is a fan made deleted scene from The Dark Knight Rises which imagines what it might have looked like if Ledger’s Joker had in fact made a cameo. It’s a joke more than anything else, but does bring up an interesting point.

Should they have at least made a reference to the Joker in the film?

I know Nolan avoided it out of “respect” to Ledger, but to avoid even mentioning the character at all seemed odd, particularly as he was the most memorable individual in the entire series. I’ve read an alternative to the above scene could just have been them showing a locked cell at Blackgate (yes, yes, he would have probably been in Arkham), and Bane asking “Who’s in there?”

“The clown.”

“Leave him.”

The Joker’s such a badass, he’s even too crazy for Bane. That would have been more respectful to me, but hey, complete omission works too I guess.


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