Steampunk Vader (with Bonus Steampunk Jawa)

steam vader

Damn, I thought the whole steampunk fad had sort of drifted away like uh, steam, but I guess it’s still going strong in certain circle. And it can still be pretty awesome, given the right artist.

Bjorn Hurri designed this amazing Steampunk Vader who is walking around in essentially mech armor. It seems that he’s holding a firehose, but I’m guessing that’s his steampowered lightsaber stand-in.

And below, there’s a look at a Steampunk Jawa, but honestly, Jawas were already pretty steampunk to begin with:

steam jawa

  • Shawn

    Looks more like a set of power armor from Fallout than Vader to be honest. But still pretty cool!

  • Jared Studelska

    honestly, knowing how the insides of sandcrawlers are portrayed, Jawa’s were already pretty steampunk.