Steampunk Iron Man Seems Like a Logical Conclusion

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I think steampunk can be pretty hit or miss, but even I can’t deny that Iron Man is a superhero just waiting for that kind of treatment. He’s all metal for crying out loud! He literally could be powered by steam!

And when done correctly, Marvel itself might actually give you a prize, which is the case with the costume you see above, which took top Marvel outfit recently at NYCC. It’s very well done if you ask me, and almost makes you forget about all the other stupid stuff that’s been done with steampunk over the years. But wouldn’t Tony’s original Iron Man costume he built in the cave from the first movie be considered steampunk as well? Eh, I suppose it was still powered by an arc reactor.

Check out a bunch more photos and angles of the costume below.

  • Josh

    Hey, long time reader first time writer(and wow, first time I’ve ever written those words)

    First off, I LOVE IT. Like you said, that’s been asking to be steampunked for a while, and a pretty well-done one at that.

    Second, I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but it made me laugh. Did you know Spalding had posted a photo of the very same Steampunk Stark in a group in the top 7 list about Comic-Con too? He didn’t write about it, but when I saw that pic I was thinking, “Holy crap, is that a steampunk iron man?!?!” but dismissed it because no one else commented on it. Glad to see I wasn’t wrong. =)