Star Wars Pinups Aren’t What I Was Expecting

Usually when you think of Star Wars characters posing for a pinup calendar, your mind would immediately jump to Leia, and um…Padme, and uhhh….Slave Leia. And that’s really it.

But as you can tell, that’s not nearly enough to fill a whole calendar, so you’ll have to start gender bending to cram more beauties in there. Man, Star Wars really needs more females huh?

This series of rather disturbing pinups is from Yayzus Graphics, and features Ackbar, Fett, Vader, Maul, Greedo and others like you’ve never seen them before. And more than likely never wanted to see them either. At least they left Yoda out of it.

Check out the rest of them below:

[via Geekologie]

  • Some things you wish you can un-see…

  • Josh

    The hideousness of [these pinups] will haunt my dreams forever.

    -John Turturro

  • NYxaria

    rule 34

  • JohnPaul

    Vader isn’t featured in this spread.

    It’s an Imperial Pilot that’s featured. But luckily, nowdays making a mistake about Star Wars actually makes you cooler..

  • RebornEmp

    You also have to consider the fact that there’s the Twi’ Lek dancer, plus more characters in books and game series’ that are pretty well known. Jan Ors from the Jedi Knight series, Mon Mothma (obviously from the earlier days when she wasn’t like, 60.), Mara Jade, Tavion from the Jedi Knight series, not to mention the female bounty hunter who tried to kill Padme in Episode 2, Zam Wessell. You also have Aurra Sing, who is a bounty hunter that has been featured in numerous different games and shows (including the Clone Wars animated TV show), and Asajj Ventress. Now granted some of these are more evil characters, but does it matter when we’re talking about scantily clad attractive women?