Star Wars in Feudal Japan

This isn’t the first time someone has imagined Star Wars as a feudal Japanese story, and it won’t be the last. The film (well, at least the first one) drew heavily on Samurai culture to craft the Jedi and Sith, so it’s really no stretch to see the genre’s bent in this way.

But this is far and away some of the coolest Star Wars crossover art I’ve ever seen, and I’ve posted a lot of this stuff over the years. It’s from artist Clinton Felker, and there are four more of his pieces focusing on other characters below.

Check them out for yourself, and I hope he continues the series with Luke, Leia, Han and so forth.

  • tuffy

    that is amazing i love this kind of stuff

  • Marco

    Boba is always cooler than everyone

  • The Master Baiter

    Now I want them to make dynasty warriors: star wars. Nice going 🙁

  • Anon

    This reminds me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the evil-doer Shredder

  • Jack Jackson

    @Anon Ohh you mean Uncle Phil?

  • Mr. Right

    @Baiter: Dynasty Warriors is China you idjit.