‘Spiderman 4’ Lands Release Date, Fake Poster


I’m going to go out on a limb here and venture a guess that this poster is a forgery, as I can’t really concieve of a PG-13 family friendly movie that Carnage fits into. Although I will say, “Choice, Destiny, Sacrifice” sounds like typical Spiderman mumbo-jumbo.

But even though barely anything is known about the project now, it has gotten a release date, which is May 5th, 2011. That would be NEXT next spring, right about the time Thor is supposed to fly onto the big screen. I’m still not excited about this, but I do believe that Raimi learned a lot from the failings of the third movie, and we usually forget that the first two were in fact the best superhero movies ever made until Batman came out of the cave again.

  • Madison

    Carnage and PG-13 simply don’t mix. At any rate, I hope we keep this at just one villain. I’m still recovering from Spidey 3.

  • Josh

    Reports are that Bruce Campbell will finally have a real role in the fourth film and it will be the villain. Reports are that it will be Mysterio.

    I’m hoping for Lizard (who they have been setting up to appear the entire series) or Carnage, personally. They screwed up Venom (my all time favorite villain) so maybe they will get it right with Carnage.

    But, then again, I am all for Campbell playing the villain.

  • Rory

    i reckon this is a real poster Carnage is probably going to be the villain

  • Kris

    Carnage is the villain you retard. :/

  • evan

    nah they replaced spidey 4 with amazing spiderman but if they do do spiderman 4 i woulnt be surprised if there is a vulture carnage team up on spidey