Speaking of Wonder Woman…

Wonder Woman 2

Earlier today, we talked about the news that Gal Gadot was just cast as Wonder Woman, despite her not exactly looking the part. But if cosplay has taught us anything, it’s that anyone can look like anything with enough hair, makeup and costume work.

Here’s expert cosplayer Meagan Marie as battle-hardened Wonder Woman. I hope that this is the sort of version of her we see when she does get her own film, as latex and spandex really would just look silly on camera. I like the portrayal of her as a rough and tumble warrior. I do have to say, I doubt that Diana Prince will actually end up in costume in Batman vs. Superman. I have a hunch she’ll just be a supporting character or even a cameo, if anything.

There’s a whole gallery of these which you can check out below.

Wonder Woman 10

Wonder Woman 9

Wonder Woman 8

Wonder Woman 7

Wonder Woman 6

Wonder Woman 5

Wonder Woman 4

Wonder Woman 3

Wonder Woman 1

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