Some Rather Gorgeous Disney Gender Swaps


Usually when we see “gender swap” art or cosplay, it’s girls taking over traditionally masculine roles. As fun as that may be, it’s interesting to see the other side as well. From regularly featured artist Sakimi Chan comes a series of rather amazing Disney swaps with BOTH genders represented for a change. I mean, there are a lot of princesses after all.

My favorite is probably Boyriel (Arian?) who appears to be straight out of a Final Fantasy game, but I also like Cruella Dudeville (I’m really pushing it with these). Swapped Beauty and the Beast may be the strangest, while flipped Nightmare Before Christmas is the most innovative. The entire series is below, and definitely worth a look.








  • Abby Cadabby

    I like the Boy/Ariel one too, but the rest are kind of a fail. Points for Cruella Dudeville though.

  • Othelie Moor

    Why does Flounder have hair? Do all girl fishes have hair?

  • Jsn Force

    Not really a fan of any of these. Art is good, but I’m just not a fan of the concept.

  • Raven Ludy

    evil never looked so good. love the cruillia de vil swap.