So Why IS M. Night Shyamalan Making the Avatar Movie?


Has anyone really stopped to ask this question since it was announced that Shyamalan was adapting the cartoon into film? It just seems like such a random project for him to be working on. I guess everyone just assumed he was tired of making horrendously awful horror movies and wanted to do something a bit more lighthearted instead. I’ll go with that explanation until I hear otherwise.

I’ve heard that Avatar is actually a pretty good show, but with these first shots from the film, I can’t say that it looks much different than the last two live-action film adaptations of similar cartoons, Dragonball Evolution and The Legend of Chun Li. And we all know how that turned out.

But despite his recent failings, somewhere buried deep within Shyamalan is the good director who made Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, so if he gets out of whatever funk he’s been in for the better part of the decade, he may be able to turn out a halfway decent project. But I’ve lost all faith in the man after I watched this.

As a parting gift, here’s Dev Patel as the film’s villain:



[via io9]

  • Will

    M Night Shyamalan needs to stop making movies. Maybe if he didn’t do Avatar someone else would’ve picked it up and also would’ve done a better job.

  • xtheenderx

    M night stated in an interview that he and his kids watch the show so thats how he got around to makin this movie.

  • Dude

    Avatar is actually an American cartoon, and I think M. Night is just trying to step out of his genre and make a movie without some sort of explosive twist ending. Maybe. We’ll see.

  • vishal

    This show won’t translate well onto the big screen, therefore my feelings on this is that it is going to be shite.

  • Jase

    They really changed Zucco’s look

  • Reason

    I think making any judgements at all about this movie so long before it’s due to come out would be immature. M. Night Shyamalon has failed more than a few times, but he does have experience, he likes the original story, and he’s working closely with Avatar’s creators. I don’t think anyone should reject this movie based on the director or some previous flops in a related genre. I’m gonna be following the news about this movie until it’s release and I’ll reserve judgement until I atleast have some subjective reviews from people who have personally seen the movie.