So Who Wants to See Thor Shake His Ass?


Before he was Thor, even before he was Captain Kirk Sr, Chris Hemsworth was an Australian soap star with far reaching fame in that country.

His celebrity status landed him a role on their Dancing with the Stars equivalent before his rise to worldwide fame, and now we have this excellent video of the might thunder god shaking his ass on the dance floor.

It’s sort of a problem that his awkward thrusts are more mesmerizing than his female partner. So much awkwardness in such a good looking form. Thank Odin that Thor wasn’t a musical.

  • LT

    I’m guessing he didn’t last that long.

  • C

    My first thought when the music started playing… BEETLEJUICE!

  • “mezmorizing”, eh? Pretty amazing, getting no less than THREE separate letters wrong into that one word.

    I take it your web browser or text editor has no spellchecker?