So We’re Getting a Deus Ex Movie Huh?

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the news that my Game of the Year 2011 is getting its own feature film adaptation. Deus Ex: Human Revolution had a look, sound and feel all its own, and felt incredible cinematic from start to finish. That begs the question, does it actually NEED a movie to FEEL like a movie?

The same can be said for many games with great plots. Mass Effect was like an epic movie trilogy despite existing as a game. Would a film adaptation serve it better, or worse? It’s tough to say because there seems to be a clear issue with trying to make ANY video game a movie. At best, you get the original Resident Evil, at worst, you get Doom and Dead or Alive. But really, you shouldn’t think Doom or Dead or Alive would make good movies in the first place.

I have some hopes that this could turn out well. Give it to someone who knows what they’re doing (Wachowskis, Duncan Jones) and it could be fantastic. Give it to someone who doesn’t give a shit, and it won’t be.


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