So This is Our Thor Huh?


The first picture of Chris Hemsworth in his Thor costume has emerged, as you can see above, and I think he looks pretty badass, though I’m surprised how literal his costume is compared to the comic. No black leather X-Men suits here.

The problem is, when you’re THAT faithful, you kind of just look like a really good Thor cosplayer rather than Thor in the lead of the Thor film. That being said, I do dig Hemswoth in the role from what I can see, and he does look a lot like Alexander Skarsgaard, who was my original pick for the part.

My only concern is for the Avenger, where they’ll have to explain how Thor the god of f*cking thunder lives in the same universe as mere mortals Captain America and Iron Man. I bet they’ll probably just have Tony Stark make a snarky joke about it and move on.

  • Alex

    Meh I am more interested in Sif. Jaimie Alexander rocks. Now that’s who I am interested in seeing in a costume. I bet she would look awesome

  • Jason

    I think the pics looks good, but I’m also glad Thor is cast out as a human, and will likely only be in this suit w/cape in the beginning and likely the climax of the movie. Otherwise if Tony Stark can seemingly except an indestructible man who turns into HULK it’s not that far fetched to come across another tough guy who uses a hammer.

  • khiuiug

    Alexander Skarsgaard would have been an awesome thor…but i might have a biased opinion because im a Trueblood fan…