So This is Our Thor Huh?


The first picture of Chris Hemsworth in his Thor costume has emerged, as you can see above, and I think he looks pretty badass, though I’m surprised how literal his costume is compared to the comic. No black leather X-Men suits here.

The problem is, when you’re THAT faithful, you kind of just look like a really good Thor cosplayer rather than Thor in the lead of the Thor film. That being said, I do dig Hemswoth in the role from what I can see, and he does look a lot like Alexander Skarsgaard, who was my original pick for the part.

My only concern is for the Avenger, where they’ll have to explain how Thor the god of f*cking thunder lives in the same universe as mere mortals Captain America and Iron Man. I bet they’ll probably just have Tony Stark make a snarky joke about it and move on.


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