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machete kills

I didn’t realize that Machete Kills was actually a sequel in the works, not just a tagline at the end of the first Machete to keep up with the Grindhouse theme. It does indeed seem that a new film is coming this fall, and with it, Sophia Vergara and her boob guns. Of course this exists.

I’m trying to think about the physical¬†implausibility¬†of this, which I know is a mistake, but I’m doing it anyway. For a gun in that location, particularly one with a high fire rate as shown, you’d probably actually have to have NO boobs, instead of ample ones like Ms. Vergara here. If there was an empty chamber behind that metal, you’d have a shot at fitting in the sort of machinery you’d need to fire a weapon like that, but otherwise? There’s just no way, unless the metal was INSIDE the boob itself, which would be the most uncomfortable implant job ever.

And with that, I’m done over-analyzing boob guns for the day.

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