So Real It’s Scary

What the hell is happening with technology where wax sculptures are getting more and more close to reality? Is there some new advancement in sculpting materials I don’t know about that allows for creations like this?

If I cropped this picture before posting it, I’m sure I would have been convinced it was just a behind the scenes shot of The Dark Knight, that’s how realistic it looks. Wait, does this mean we can just build a new Joker for the third movie and dub Heath Ledger’s voice over it? Just CGI his lips and we’re totally good to go.

  • tuffy

    wow… jack is spot on too. Do you know who did this?

  • Velku

    This is so god damn impressive

  • Bert

    You don’t need to build a Joker for the third movie – Heath’s doppleganger is already starring.

  • DarkPassenger29

    Can they make me a Minka Kelly for… research.

  • Steve

    Can they make me a Natalie Portman from ‘The Professional” one….for research?

  • DarkPassenger29


    I would like to change my order.

  • Uncle Phil

    Steve and Dark P: A lot of places offer a bulk buying discount. Let me know if you need a 3rd order for the price break.

  • Uncle Phil

    Oh and btw, that’s a whole lot of creepy/scary in that pic up there.

  • Edweirdo

    Where is my Miranda Kerr full body statue?