So How About that Iron Man 3 Trailer?


Yes, the Avengers was awesome, but many have been a little nervous that moving back to individual Marvel films might not go so well now. Particularly Iron Man 3 has been worrisome as many didn’t care for the second film (I actually enjoyed it) and director Jon Favreau wasn’t returning.

But this first trailer for Iron Man 3 seems to have set many minds at ease, my own included. What’s not to love here? It only gives enough of the plot away to get us interested, not the whole thing. Who’s running around in a rogue Iron Man suit? What’s War Machine’s new star-spangled role? New director Shane Black was responsible for Downey Jr’s best role outside of Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the actor will probably thrive under his leadership here.

Guy Pearce is in the film which automatically bumps it up a notch, and Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin looks to be an…interesting villain to say the least. Most good comic book movie villains have a memorable voice, and he’s doing his best to make his unique. It sounds like a redneck robot at times, but I could get used to it. Also, freeze framers have noted that he has Captain America’s shield tattooed on the back of his neck, so that’s weird.

What do you think about this first spot? Agree that it looks promising or are you all Iron Man-ed out from three films already?


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