Slave Leo: King of Crossplay


Remember yesterday, when were talking about the Hawkeye Initiative? To sum up, the idea was to pose a male comic book character the same way that females are posed to show how absurd the sexualization is. Today, we have Slave Leo, a real world example of the same phenomenon.

His real name is Ryan, and he’s written extensively on why dressing like Slave Leia is generally bad. To prove his point, he decided to make his own male Slave costume. Not just wear the bikini like some have done, but actually design the equivalent costume for a man.

The result? He looks like a Roman prostitute, but again, this just proves my point from yesterday about how it’s really, really hard to oversexualize men compared to how easy it is to do with women. There’s  just as much skin shown here, but it’s goofy, not sexy. Though I might want to poll some women to say that for certain. I don’t know, this continues to be a complex issue I still can’t quite get my head around.

More pictures of Leo below:







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