Six Undeniably Cool Spaceship Designs From Science Fiction

Space Cruiser Yamato from Starblazers And a Crap Ton Of Other Things

Yeah, I know it is just an aircraft carrier modified to be a spaceship. That is EXACTLY what makes it badass.

Listen, Starblazers was awesome. There is no doubt this is on the list because of my adoration for the series growing up. Hell, one of my favorite bands who I have befriended over the years has a song dedicated the a gun from the show. Here, take a listen, Wave motion gun for the win.

Anyway, I fully realize the ship seems like more of a dinosaur than some of the others on this list, but regardless, this thing was a floating battle station. And I know I am not the only one who has love for it, because it has live action movies dedicated to it. That pretty much speaks volumes. Also, Starblazers. Your argument is invalid.

Dropship from Aliens

In a time before CG, they actually had to build these things. They built them to scale, but it is impressive, regardless.

I can’t imagine anyone being shocked with the Dropship from Aliens rounding out the list. As much as I tried to avoid some of the cliche ships people have talked to death, I would only be a fool to pretend the ship in this movie didn’t awe me. The design was so simple, and so form-functioning that this ship, to me, is the most realistic on the list. Wow, realistic space ships. That is my angle here? Wow, not my strongest ending.

The Missing “Master Class”: 

Millenium Falcon, U.S.S Enterprise, Serenity, Tardis, X-Wing, Discovery, Nostromo, and I am sure a slew of others you will tell me about.

Brad Pitt wanted me to ask you guys: WHAT’S IN THE BOX???!!

Few Others I Loved:

B.T.A Fighter from Enemy Mine. I loved this movie, as I have told you before. And I love this ship because it looked like a 1950’s version of a spaceship, which only made me like it more.

Thankfully, they edited the giant humans out of the final cut, but left them in the DVD extras.

N.S.E.A Protector from Galaxy Quest: I know this ship was just a ripoff/homage to the Enterprise, but I adore this film, and will give it props any chance I get.

I mean, Snape AND Ripley were in that ship. Does space get any cooler than that?

Alien Derelict from Alien. The thing was like some giant, phallic, twin-boner, stranded in space. Ironically, as a spaceship, that is how I imagine my own fate.

Also, hey guys, you should totally go read my sit, ah, forget it. I’ll spare you a plug for a week. That stuff gets relentless after awhile.

  • Dan

    Cygnus from “The Black Hole.” Whatever flaws that film had, the ship and robot designs were visually stunning.

  • Kevin

    Serenity…from Firely?

  • Caleb K

    The Prometheus was a pretty sweet looking ship too.

  • Gary

    Space Cruiser Yamato..the ship is based on the Battleship Yamato it is not a Aircraft Carrier.

  • @Dan, good call!
    @ Kevin, Serenity is mentioned, read harder!
    @Caleb, I am one of the six people who liked Prometheus (gasp) so I agree with you on that point.
    @ Gary, looked like an aircraft carrier to me, sorry. Mine eyeballs are sometimes off in their assessments.

  • Jim

    You’re just gonna leave us hanging with no details on a story about seeing a UFO? Tsk tsk.

    Anyway, I’d go with Alex’s ship from Last Starfighter and the Thunder Road from Explorers. The latter is just awesome in its homemade clunkiness.

  • trashcanman

    Yamato wasn’t based on the battleship of the same name; it was the exact same battleship dug up and refurbished for space travel to inspire the people of Earth with an “invincible” ship that was originally sunk the first time it left port…. I’d have gone with the Titanic. How could you leave out the flying saucer from Plan 9? You suuuuuuuck. Also, fellow commenters, let us now mock this Remy Carreiro character’s close encounter of the troll kind where he claims to have seen an alien craft irl and then acts like he doesn’t want to talk about it as if he didn’t just bring it up himself completely unprompted. I keed, I keed. Sammy Hagar has stories about aliens too and if it’s cool with him, it’s cool with me.

  • mark

    SDF-1 from robotech/macross, that bitch was a double aircraft carrier that turned into a robot….drool (pun intended, hope you got it)

  • Matt UK

    Good to see Starbug and Red Dwarf getting some love here.

    I do think Moya from Farscape should have made the list too though.

  • @Trashcanman,
    You have become my proverbial anchor. Where once, we stood on opposite sides of the fence, we now share one side. I, for one, am quite grateful for that side. You never fail to make me laugh, and at the same time, point out how much I suck, which, oddly enough, I have actually started to learn from.
    In most cases, you are pretty spot on, TBH.
    I actually didn’t want to bring up the craft we saw (kind of clear to see I added that at the end of the article), but brought it up to subconsciously prove to myself my girlfriend doesn’t read my articles, or else she would have said something. Next week’s article. All The Celebrities I Intend To Have Sex With Behind My Girlfriend’s Back. I have a feeling it wont be well received, but it will be undoubtedly cathartic for me.

  • Andrew L.

    No love for the Hitchhiker’s Heart of Gold? That ship has the best propulsion system ever!

  • Matt

    Starship UK from ‘The Beast Below’ – it’s built on a Star Whale for heavens sakes… (Doctor Who S05 Ep 02)

  • Amy

    Only because I am a huge Red Dwarf fan and only because your articles rock, you said Spacebug twice instead of Starbug. I am disappoint. That ship has been through some shit, yet it couldn’t even defend itself. How they lasted so many episodes on it while “looking for Red Dwarf” was beyond me lol

  • Chris H.

    The day you are mocked for believing in something as undeniable as alien life existing is a sad day indeed. Isn’t it narcissistic to think we are the ONLY ones in the whole universe?

  • Thank you for this article, i love this ships also!