Six Movies that Make You Question Your Grip on Reality

Yes, it’s true movies are fictional, but sometimes if profound enough, they can make you think about life in a way you haven’t before.

These movies? They could make you question the very notion of reality if you decided to dwell on their core concepts long enough. If only for a brief moment, you thought there might be some sinister truth behind your life where everything is not as it seems.

As always, I’m sure I’m missing your favorite example of this phenomenon, so feel free to add in your own in the comments. But first check my picks out below:

1. The Matrix

The Theory – Your life is really a computer generated illusion created by futuristic robots who need you to power them.

Pros: It’s the future! Also, if you’re The One you can do some cool shit.

Cons: You’re really a slave and if you wake up you have to wear rags and live 10,000 miles under the earth.

Percent chance you could find out this is true – 1% unless you have just met a wise black man wearing a trenchcoat.

2. The Truman Show

The Theory – Your life is really being filmed for a reality television show and all your friends and families are actors.

Pros: You’re probably the most famous person on earth.

Cons: No vacations, stuck marrying whoever they cast for you.

Percent chance you could find out this is true – 95%, presuming you feel like traveling more than a few hundred miles away from where you were born.

3. Inception

The Theory – Your life is really just an elaborate dream from which you might awake at any time.

Pros: Dying isn’t such a big deal.

Cons: You might wake up and be in another layer of a dream.

Percent chance you could find out this is true – 100%, just jump off a building and see where you end up.

4. Dark City

The Theory – Your life and this world is just an elaborate alien science experiment.

Pros: You get to meet aliens!

Cons: They’re not terribly concerned with your well being.

Percent chance you could find out this is true – 20% depending on if the aliens run out of funding for the project.

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Theory – Your life has been altered by having a memory of someone erased.

Pros: No bad ex-girlfiend memories!

Cons: No good ex-girfriend memories…

Percent chance you could find out this is true – 60% depending on if your memory eraser person grows a conscience, or people around you tell you what’s going on.

6. Total Recall

The Theory – Your life is a virtual reality program and you might be someone else entirely.

Pros: You could end up saving the world some day. You may encounter a chick with three boobs.

Cons: If your current life is the best fantasy you could program, that’s pretty lame.

Percent chance you could find out this is true – 70%, if your life starts resembling an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie (any of them) something is probably amiss.


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